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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

07 October 2016


After the breakup of Head, "Sager didn’t spend all the 90’s hoovering and changing nappies," according to Bristol Archives.  “HEY DAD WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE 90’s?” one of Sager's sons asked.  “EAT TRIPE HOP AND EXCRETE BRIT PLOP, SON,” he replied.  Massive Attack and Portishead had set sail from Bristol, and Brittania's airwaves were ruled by the "lad rock" of Oasis.   

Sager produced and played on a 1990 Rough Trade release by singer/songwriter Craig Davies called Groovin' On A Shaft Cycle, along with Head guitarist Nick Sheppard and RR&P drummer Steve Noble (who has since become a prolific jazz drummer). 

Sager adopted the name CC Sager for a 1991 EP called "Fats Hustles The Pros and Cons".   Bristol Archives later included that track on a digital CC Sager collection called Hey, Dad What Do Poets Eat For Tea?  Pork and Opium Son, Pork and Opium.  Dave Hunter played bass, and Steve Noble manned the drums.  Head's Rich Beale sings two of the songs.

A second CC Sager set on Bristol Archives, called Prophylactic Fingertips, Cherry Lips & Other Unsung Songs, is less bluesy and more introspective than What Do Poets Eat For Tea

The Creeping Bent label released the third CC Sager album, The Last Second Of Normal Time, on CD in 2003.  Susie Hug of the band Katydids sang on the album.  She was married to Katydids/CC Sager bassist Dave Hunter.  

In 2006, Creeping Bent issued a digital album (under Gareth Sager's own name) called Slack Slack Music.  Davy Henderson sings three of the songs, and the spirit of Beefheart is at play.  The final track on this compilation ("So Fired Up") sounds like a classic Head song of drunken celebration.

tracklist –

01 Fats Hustles The Pros and Cons
02 I Took It As Gospel
03 Hey Freaky Don't Paint It Blue
04 Roman Rust On the Out of Town Bus
05 Drive After Midnight
06 Keeping The Dancefloor Warm
07 Blown Bridges Blues – from Hey, Dad What Do Poets Eat For Tea?

08 Coming Out Of The Fifteenth Round
09 Beyond My Fathers Charms
10 Deathbed Lullaby – from Prophylactic Fingertips, Cherry Lips and Other Unsung Songs

11 The Johnny Bristol Flu
12 Honeypot Swarm
13 Hanging Lo With The Hi Waisters
14 Dumping My Roller Once The Ashtrays Are Full – from The Last Second of Normal Time

15 King Tubby In His Kitchen
16 Me The Broken Stink And The Piccadilly Kid
17 Hot Hits Vol. 27
18 So Fired Up – from Slack Slack Music



  1. "Fats Hustles The Pros and Cons" video: youtu.be/lxrhRNX276Q

    "Hot Hits" video: youtu.be/f-rkOqDKfQs

    "So Fired Up" fan-made video: youtu.be/w7fmBfVu2y0

  2. Please could you tel me the password for Gareth Sagar gives Head?
    sorry to be stupid - and thanks for the music

    1. No password needed. Just select the link & download.

  3. Hello Nathan! first off, thank you for all the amazing music you shared here. I came to your blog while searching for Mongolian music. Is there a chance of you posting the "part 2" of your Mongolian CD collection? I am sure it is mind blowing. Thank you very much for your efforts and time invested. All the best to you and kind regards from Austria.

    1. You are not the first to ask about part two of Mongolian music. I have been extremely busy as of late. In fact I would have little going on here that is current if it wasn't for the wonderful support & input of jonder, who has been giving us the Sager material recently (more to come). By early November I should be back in full swing & will try to put Mongolia 2.0 at the top of my to-do list. I believe I have even more music for 2.0 than for the first go round. Thanks for your kind comments & I will try to do you good.