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03 October 2016

Mish Mash

First off, by request…

Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal – The Vim & Vigour of…, North East Indie NEI0027, 2002.
decryption codes in comments

tracklist –
Blood Baby
Viking Christmas – Alvarius B

Blood Baby
Viking Christmas
The Real Ding – Cerberus Shoal

A couple alternate versions of Leaving Rome (side two here) by Two Badcard that were not on the Hustling Ability release…

Two Badcard – Leaving Rome, On-U Sound ON-U DP 33, 1995

Side One –
Leaving Rome (vocal version)
Leaving Rome (trumpet version)

Side Two –
Leaving Rome (Dennis Alcapone DJ version)
Leaving Rome (melodica version)

Also, from Aston 'Family Man' Barrett…

Side A –
Family Man Skank

Side B –
Dub Combination

Lastly, after a revival in 2013, Chron Gen are back at it, touring & rippin’ it up. Search out this disc & purchase it for yourself. Their first in 28 years. Here’s a taste:

From Chron Gen – This is the Age

Ready to Overreact

bonus –

Chron Gen – Puppets of War 45rpm EP, Fresh Records FRESH 36, 1981.

Side A –
Mindless Few
Chronic Generation

Side B –
Puppets of War


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    Leaving Rome