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20 January 2017

Let’s Punk the Trumpocalyse

To paraphrase Jello Biafra, we've got a bigly problem now.  I'm tempted to wave a white flag, but it's high time to hoist the black one.  As the hypocrisy of Trumpocracy begins to reign, and the ghost of Joe McCarthy stalks the land, someone observed that at least we can expect some great punk rock during the next four years.  There are some great young punk bands out there such as Muuy Bien, Tenement, & Uranium Club.

Here are three dozen covers of California punk classics, from 1985s "My War" back to 1977s "Class War".  In this hour of darkness, I find it heartening to hear these bands (some new, some not) breathing fire into the embers of these timeless tales of terror.

HELLACOPTERS:  The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)  (Social Distortion)
BRUTAL TRUTH:  Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs  (Minutemen)
TURBONEGRO:  I Don't Care About You  (Fear)
THE SCREWS:  Kill Someone You Hate  (Red Cross)
THE ERGS:  The Todd Killings  (Angry Samoans)
BIOHAZARD:  We're Only Gonna Die   (Bad Religion)
JAPANDROIDS:  For The Love Of Ivy  (Gun Club)
PRONG:  Kids Of The Black Hole  (Adolescents)
UNSANE:  Ha Ha Ha  (Flipper)
SEPULTURA:  Drug Me  (Dead Kennedys)
PIG DESTROYER:  Deny Everything  (Circle Jerks)
THE MARS VOLTA:  Back Up Against The Wall  (Circle Jerks)
THE BRONX: Los Angeles  (X)
L7:  Bloodstains  (Agent Orange)
CEREMONY:  American Society  (Eddie & The Subtitles)
OSAMENTAH:  Hey Hey  (Descendents)
JACK O'FIRE:  Joe McCarthy's Ghost  (Minutemen)
THE REDS:  Ack Ack Ack  (Urinals)
DIE KREUZEN:  Land Of Treason  (Germs)
BLACK FORK:  A Gain, A Loss  (Plugz)
LEAVING TRAINS:  Black Hole  (Urinals)
CRIMINAL WAVE:  122 Hours Of Fear  (Screamers)
CBiHCiTY:  Out Of Vogue  (Middle Class)
THE BRIEFS: Kill The Hippies  (Deadbeats)
MELVINS:  Lexicon Devil  (Germs)
GALLOWS:  Nervous Breakdown  (Black Flag)
YOU AM I:  We're Desperate  (X)
THE BRIGGS:  We Got The Neutron Bomb  (Weirdos)
TEENGENERATE:  Wild Weekend  (Zeros)
THE DICKIES:  Solitary Confinement  (Weirdos)
THE DIDJITS:  Give It Back  (Dickies)
THE RIVER CITY TANLINES:  Nothing Means Nothing Anymore  (Alleycats)
SHADES APART:  We Are The One  (Avengers)
DILLINGER FOUR:  You're Not Blank  (Dils)
D.O.A.:  Class War  (Dils)

Let’s Wreck the Party,


  1. Hey look, it's more of the same!

    01 SONIC YOUTH: Hot Wire My Heart (Crime)
    02 THE HOODOO GURUS: Wimp (the Zeros)
    03 RIKK AGNEW: Better World (the Screamers)
    04 THE MUFFS: Beat Your Heart Out (the Zeros)
    05 THE SIDE EYES: Don't Talk To Me (the Eyes)
    06 BOY DIVISION: Ack Ack Ack (the Urinals)
    07 HALO OF FLIES: I'm A Bug (the Urinals)
    08 GRASS WIDOW: Black Hole (the Urinals)
    09 WHITE FLAG: Not All Right (the Germs)
    10 THE JAPANDROIDS: Sex And Dying In High Society (X)
    11 MUDHONEY: You Stupid Asshole (the Angry Samoans)
    12 TURBONEGRO: Mobile Home (the Lewd)
    13 COALESCE: Jealous Again (Black Flag)
    14 THE BRONX: She's Like Heroin To Me (the Gun Club)
    15 THE DIDJITS: Police Truck (the Dead Kennedys)
    16 THE BRIEFS: Who Is Who (the Adolescents)
    17 TAKING BACK SUNDAY: Suburban Home / I Like Food (the Descendents)
    18 MANIC HISPANIC: Bloodstains / Amoeba / Wild In The Streets etc. (Agent Orange, Adolescents, et al.)
    19 YO LA TENGO: Out Of Control (Channel 3)
    20 TAD: Damaged I (Black Flag)
    21 SLAYER: I Hate You (Verbal Abuse)
    22 MELVINS: Romance (Tales Of Terror)
    23 KARATE: This Ain't No Picnic (the Minutemen)
    24 VERTIGO: Cut (the Minutemen)
    25 HOT CLUB DE PARIS: The Anchor (the Minutemen)
    26 CALEXICO Y MARIACHI: Corona (the Minutemen)
    27 3RD ALLEY: Electrify Me (the Plugz)
    28 AMANDA PALMER & THE GRAND THEFT ORCHESTRA: Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies)
    29 THE HARD-ONS WITH NEIL HAMBURGER: Six Pack (Black Flag)
    30 TWO LONE SWORDSMEN: Sex Beat (the Gun Club)
    31 THE DUB KENNEDYS: Vacaciones En Camboya (the Dead Kennedys)

    VA LA SF vol. 2: tinyurl.com/hywg5sk

  2. & all before vol. 1s diaper is wet. Thank you, kind sir. That's how we wreck the party.

    1. Better change that diaper and crack a window, because I think I just trumped myself.