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25 January 2017

Week One

So far, Donald Trump has...

*     Approved the Keystone Pipeline & Dakota Access pipelines.
*     Rolled back overtime protections for American workers.
*     Made it more expensive for middle-class families to buy homes.
*     Signed the "global gag rule" on abortion, which prevents international aid organizations from providing safe healthcare to women worldwide.
*     Signed an executive order for a border wall & told ABC News construction will begin "within months."

Also, New York Times reports that tomorrow he will "effectively bar the entry of people from Muslim countries."


  1. The week's not over. Thanks for the Burroughs.

  2. Biased against immigrants, women, the working poor, and the truth itself. He is prohibiting public comment by employees of NASA and the National Park Service, snd the Congressional Budget Office is forbidden from reporting on the costs of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Truck Fump!

  3. Smells more like Russia everyday. And the yahoos cheer.

  4. I hope the Orange Shitgibbon gets impeached.

  5. Nø - if it's of any concellation to you - I did a heavy Electro Mix 2 weeks ago in Montreuil, France and at 3:30 am I had the entire room chanting "FUCK DONALD TRUMP" with me. It will get better when the true revolt rises. He is really hated by so many. Take care and keep that dub fight growing - Black aka Audiometric

    1. Terrific. Everyone with half a brain says "FUCK DONALD TRUMP". Thanks for this. Do you have a recording of the set I could hear? Just askin'.