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20 May 2019

Detritus of Rebirth

Cool Whip or Smooth Cheese?
Lisa Taylor - Secrets of the Heart, Giant Records W2 24432, 1992.
any decryption codes in comments

Fallen Angel
Secrets of the Heart
Better Late than Never
Once Again Love
To Know Your Love
Make You Mine
Part of My Heart
You Could've Been with Me
I Can't Remember When
I Wanna Fall in Love Again
Did You Pray Today?


Ronny’s Got a Krush on da DJ
Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush - Bad Brothers, Island Records PHCR-3705, 1994.

The Jackal (The Illest mix)
S**t Goes Down (but I Got Phunked Up mix)
Love I Never Had It so Good
So What! (Tuff 'N' Smooth mix)
Seasons for Change (Dawn of the Season mix)
Bad Brother (How Ya Like My Wheeel mix)


It is a Beautiful Thing, Baby
Housemartins, Beats International, Freak Power, Pizzaman, or Fatboy Slim...we all know & love him as Norman Quentin Leo Cook.. Here’s one from Fried Funk Food hisself.

Freak Power - In Dub: The Fried Funk Food EP, Island Records FREAK LP1, 1994.

Turn On, Tune In, Find Joy
At Your Own Pace
Sugar Lump
Freakpower is a Beautiful Thing, Baby
My Heart Sings
Where I’m Going


Fear of Lamb
Lamb - Fear of Fours limited edition bonus disc, Fontana 314 546 417-2, 1999.

B Line (Andy Votel mix)
Górecki  (Global Communication mix)
Cottonwool (Fila Brazillia mix)
Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session mix)
Gold (Hipoptimist Alchemy mix)

Karmacoma or Komacaramel?  Massive Karma.

Karmacoma (Album version)
Karmacoma (Instrumental original)
Overcome - Tricky
Karmacoma (U.N.K.L.E. Situation mix)
Karmacoma (Napoli Trip)
Karmacoma (Ventom DUB Special)
Fake the Aroma (live studio recording)
Karmacoma (U.N.K.L.E. Situation instrumental mix)
Karmacoma (Bumper Ball DUB mix)
Karmacoma (live)
Overcome - Bristol
Karmacoma (U.N.K.L.E. Situation instrumental remix)
Karmacoma (Portishead experience)

& the Real Reason I Started this Series

I've mentioned before that I'm a closet tripper-hopper, well...

''Revenge of the Number'' is that reason.

Portishead - Numb single, Go! Discs GODCD 114, 1994.

Numbed in Moscow
Revenge of the Number
Earth - Linger
A Tribute to Monk & Canatella
w/ hidden track - Still Numb

Ode to C. Blackwell

''Do you think that I could forget you
After all that you done to me?
You think that I don't know
After all that I done for you?
You think that it don't show?

Efforts to build your empire,
You turned out a filthy ole liar
By shooting the stars that you fire
& I watch while the flames burn higher.

No. 1 Rip-off man
You saw the #1
You dirty rip-off man.''

Jimmy Cliff - No. 1 Rip-Off Man from Music Maker, Reprise Records MS 2188, 1974.



  1. Lisa
    Freak Power

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Always good to hear from you. Been by your place a few times but nothin' new since last year??? Hope to hear from you soon.

    2. Working on something with an opera singer friend of mine...slow, but promising work. Should be out sometime in summer.

  3. thanks so much for the LAMB - do you have the whole Fear of Fours record? I used to put that on between Hooverphonic and Chiba Matto.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Me loves me some Lamb, for sure.

      Yes I do have the FoF release. I wasn't sure if you were just commenting on a great album or were you interested in my posting it?

      Glad to, just let me know.

  4. Hi NØ, nice blog. Just wondering if you have any mid to late 80s digital dancehall to share? A lot of it is hard to find digitally (funnily enough). Best wishes, Dee

    1. Dee, thanks for the comment.

      Check out the Tubby Goes Digital post I just put up..

      As far as 80s digital dancehall, I’ve got: Barrington Levy featuring Sammy Dread - Regae Vibes; Half Pint - Greetings; Under Mi Sleng Teng comp. & several others, so let me know if you are interested in any of these or let me know just what you might be seeking. I’ll see what I can do.

    2. Thanks for the Tubby post. I'm looking for dancehall from the mid-80s onwards as I'm a big fan of that era's digital sound, and dub versions especially. Best wishes, Dee

    3. see my first reply to your first comment above...a list of a few things I have or let me know what you're looking for.

  5. Saw Massive Attack in 2015 or 2016 (Yup the years start to look alike) with Adrian Sherwood opening for them - massive indeed.

    1. Congrats on seeing what I would think of as an epic event. AMS opening for Massive -"massive indeed." Thanks.