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11 July 2019

Shut Up

Saw this 4th past, thought it fit in good here.

I was listening to Soul Jazz Records The World of Keith Haring compilation today.

Two song from Haring's fellow NYC artist/friend George Condo's David Thomas (of Pere Ubu) produced single by The Girls ( "Jeffrey, I Hear You" & "The Elephant Man" ). I had previously posted a very popular mega-post Separating the Boys from The Girls which dealt with a plethora of The Girls & The Girls related bands ( Hi-Sheriffs of Blue; Carney, Hild & Kramer; Cul de Sac; & Shut Up).

Shut Up was a crazy twisted synth punked outfit co-founded by The Girls vocalist, keyboard/ synthesizer wizard Robin Amos. At the time I posted StBfTG, I only had two tracks from their album Hell in a Handbasket. In the interim, I acquired the full album, so thought I'd do a little touch-up.

Liner note states, "A semi-articulate, unharmonious, dense, Non-Homogenious, Poly-rhythmic, Electro-acoustic, Psychedelic record".  Their rendition of "Hey Joe" is worth the price of admission here.

Shut Up is: Robin Amos - vocals & synthesizer; Glenn Jones - guitar; Gilda Brasch - syntesizer; & Gene Thompson - drums.

Shut Up - Hell in a Handbasket, Brasch Music BR101, 1985.
decryption code in comments

Side One -
All Alone *
Thalidomide ^
Stiff Birds
Every *
Pass from View

Side Two -
Hey Joe *
Looking at Dogs
Fear of Sounding Pretty

* Nathan Shapiro - bass
^ Gilda Brasch - vocals

Enjoy or shut up,

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