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05 July 2019

Final Leg Leg Leg of the Elephant Walk Walk Walk

The final leg of this Elephant Table Album project begun October 7, 2017 (actually hatched from a post All the Usual Suspects six days prior & a fatal comment from one W. -).  It's been really enjoyable, just so many things get in the way or get their own way or...

( re-posted March 3, 2019 )

"When I started on October 7, & Other Galactic Funk I stated: 'that...I hope I can do the other three sides before my short attention span puts the kibosh to this plan. Well, at least, here's Side One..."  "

"I managed to post up the second side the next day Elephant Round-up Side 2. Then my mind took a walk somewhere else. But like this Elephant thaang goin' on, I never forget, even if I wander off for a while."

"Finally, installment three of this crazy-ass project  (Back to the Round-up, March 3, 2019)  that I started October 1, 2017 when I posted The Elephant Table Album (a Compilation of Difficult Music). Then NSS regular W. commented: 'This is a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well know electronic/experiemntal artists.' which led me to the idea of posting a full album by each band on all four sides of TETA."

Here we go with Final Leg Leg Leg of the Elephant Walk Walk Walk with these suspect devices:  Bourbonese Qualk; Sirius B; New 7th Music; We Be Echo; & Bushido...

Bourbonese Qualk - Laughing Afternoon, Recloose Organisation LOOSE 004, 1983.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
God with Us
Idiot Pain
Barcelona Telephone Exchange
Blood Orange Bargain Day
Behind Closed Doors

Side 2 -
Qualk Street
Hell with the Consequences
Building Jerusalem
Feast of Trumpets
Virgin Ears, Virgin Eyes
Spanner in the works
Mystery Dance

Side One -
Trauma of the Hunt

Side Two -
Is This the End?

New 7th Music - In a Dream cassette, ADN TAPES 19, 1985

Side A -
Live at the Richmond Brighton
In a Dream
Violin Phase

Side B -
The Bitter Humours of Fermenting Passion Flow
The Circle of Violence
Life Began from Here

we*be*echo - Ceza Evi C60 cassette, Cause For Concern CFC 023, 1983.

Side A (really 2)
Punish You
No Going Back
Death Row
A New Day
I'm a Gambler
It was You
Dirty Harry

Side 1 (really B)
Survivalists II
This Hour’s Mine
I Want
Got You
House of Punishment

Bushido - The Sands of Nakajima, Third Mind Records TMLP 10, 1984.

Side Sunrise -
She Had to Say Yes
Johnny Fez's South Mediterranean Blues (Moroccan Roll)
First Respects (for NS & BV)
Laugh, Clown, Laugh

Side Sunset
Among the Ruins
False Prophets = False Profits (Concrete mix)
San Sebastian
Black August - The Rape of Honour

Bushido - Deliverance, Third Mind Records TMLP 12, 1985.

Side One -
A Question of Identity

Side Two -
An Imperial Affair
High Rise
Question of Time

Walk that Elephant Table Walk, y’all.


  1. Laughing
    In a Dream
    Ceza Evi
    Squeal Like a Pig

  2. Hey NØ! Thanks for the Bushido. Always a lovely day when I can add to the Third Mind label collection! Peace my friend!

  3. Thanks! I only knew the Bourbonese Qualk. I liked a lot we*be*echo. Cheers, JG