All February I’m taking a foray into the world of pop music. There’ll be a indie-pop, indietronica-pop, synth-pop, psych-pop, trance-pop, avant-pop,Britpop, soul-pop, blues-pop, alt-pop, funk-pop, folk-pop, pop-rock...Pop...Pop...Pop!

If you bear with this long enough, Valentine’s Day will find Cupid’s gifting of A 20 Something Fuck. Sounds romantic, right?

Next day The Man takes us back to Woodstock...“Feel it Still” kinda says what I’m trying to show here:

     “Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
     I been feeling it since 1966, now
     Might be over now, but I feel it still.

     Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
     Let me kick it like it's 1986, now
     Might be over now, but I feel it still.”

Everywhere I turn in the blogshere it seems like a bunch of old farts stuck in the past. Praising that album they heard however many centuries ago, claiming there’s nothing nowadays that can even compare. I have albums from all times past that I cherish, sure. But cloaking them in a shroud of nostalgia begs the question: is it really that great?

Some of those cherished relics ARE that great & some aren’t, but the thing they are all missing is that newness, that freshness, that “of the moment” when I would hear something for the very first time. That feeling is what I listen for in new music. I want that rush of fresh air so I’m open to new sounds. I don’t weigh them against the past. I try to let them stand on their own. “ might be over, but I can feel it still.”

I don’t need the digitally remastered XX?? anniversary release with 12,000 shit-turd outtakes, alternate versions, & demos. Gimme somethin’ like nothin’ I heard yet. Gimme somethin’ new.

So this month is dedicated to 21st Century sounds.

25 November 2022

Running Through the Jungle


Been listening to Congo Natty's latest opus Ancestorz (Rootz of Jungle) for days now. 31 tracks of Congo at his best, then a 2 hour ten minute Ancestorz mixtape from the man himself. As I listened & enjoyed & luxuriated in the sounds, I realized I had slighted the great Rebel MC & creator of Jungle here at NSS. Filling that empty void right here & now.

A megapost of past tastes from Congo Natty or Ras Project or X Project or Tribe of Issachar or Conquering Lion or Blackstar or Lion of Judah or Rebel MC. Creating under any of these monikers, it all amounts to greatness. Dig in. 


Tenor Fly meets Congo Natty - 12 Years of Jungle 5x12", Congo Natty CONGOLP1, 2003.
all decryption codes in comments

Vynil 1 -
Comin on Strong 1990
Tribal Bass 1992

Vynil 2 -
Wickedest Sound 1991   
Jah Sunshine 1994

Vynil 3 -
Alaska Ride 1994
DJ School & DJ School (Dub) 1994

Vynil 4 -
'Ses' Jungle 2000
Trinity Way 2000

Vynil 5 -
H.I.M. War 2002
H.I.M. War Dub 2002 

While most Various releases have various artist, this is Congo in three of his various guises: Rebel MC; Tribe of Issachar; & X Project. 
Various - Most Wanted Volume 1, Congo Natty CNVCD 002, 2008.

Original Ses (Police in Helicopter) featuring Topcat
Yes Selectah
Champion DJ featuring Top Cat
Kunta Kinte featuring Topcat
Jah Sunshine featuring Tenor Fly
Code Red (original mix) featuring Super Cat
Jah Set It
Junglist (DJ Zinc remix) featuring Peter Bouncer
His Imperial Majesty featuring Topcat
Emperor Sellassie I
tracks 1, 3-6, 8-10 Rebel MC; track 2 Tribe of Issachar; track 7 X Project.
Various - Congo Natty Most Wanted Remixes 3x12" 45rpm, Congo Natty CNVLP003, 2009.

Disc 1 -
Wardance (Serial Killaz remix)
Police in Helicopter (Ray Keith 2004 remix)
Disc 2 -
Champion DJ (Shy FX remix)
Tribal Natty (Aphrodite remix)
Disc 3 -
Junglist (Zinc remix)
Champion DJ (DJ Ron London Someting mix)

Conquering Lion released numerous iterations of "Code Red" & remixes. This is the Serial Killaz 12" single. 

Side A -
Code Red (Serial Killaz remix)

Side AA -
Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP mix)

This one is a follow-up to Congo's Jungle Revolution from 2013. Many of our favorites producers do their Dub versions here: Adrian Sherwood; Dubkasm; Dougie Wardrop's Conscious Sounds; Vibronics; Mungo's Hi-Fi; & more.
Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution in Dub, Big Dada Recordings BDCD243, 2015

Intro - Lee Perry
Dub Souljah (Dubkasm Dragon Slayer mix)
Get Ready VIP Dub (Sukh Knight remix)
Nu Beginningz (Jinx in Dub Steppa remix)
Revolution in Dub (DJ Madd remix)
UK Allstars in Dub (Adrian Sherwood remix)
Intro (Scientist)
London Dungeons Dub (Young Warrior remix [son of Ja Shaka])
Rebel Tuff like Tuff Gong Dub (Joe Ariwa remix [son of Mad Professor])
Jungle is I & I (Hylu & Jago Future Dub mix)
Intro (Maia)
Jah Warriors in Dub (DJ Madd remix)
Microchip in Dub (King Yoof remix)
Nu Beginningz Dubwise (Mungos Hi-Fi remix)
Get Ready Dubwise (Vibronics remix)
Micro Dub [Say No] (Conscious Sounds mix)

& as one final bonus, a track from the new Ancestorz (Rootz of Jungle) here.

Rumble in the Jungle,


  1. Tenor Fly
    Most Wanted
    Most Wanted remixes
    Conquering Lion
    Jungle Revolution

  2. Serious upload!!! Many thanks for these!! Jah bless NØ!!

  3. Hey just listening to this

    1. This is from Volume Two of Jon Hassell's Forth World series (DREAM THEORY IN MALAYA). The first Volume is Jon Hassell / Brian Eno – Fourth World Vol. 1 - Possible Musics, one of my favorite Jon Hassell ventures (as I dig Brian Eno, too). Now I've got to dig out Volume 2 & give it a listen through...Thanks for the link. Everyone that noses around this dump should appreciate it.

  4. NoAllaViolenza11/27/22, 6:00 AM

    HUGE! Thanks man

    1. Your welcome, & thanks for the comment.