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02 December 2007


Re-uploaded 01/23/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

K.G.B. was a short-lived band consisting of singer Johnny Genocide (The Offs, No Alternative), drummer Zippy Pinhead (The Dils, DOA), bassist Jeff Reese (No Alternative) & guitarist Ron Ramos (The Assassins). Johnny also played rhythym guitar for the OFFs. After KGB broke up, he formed No Alternative with Jeff Reese on Bass & a rotating list of drummers (Bobby Barage, Andy Freeman, & Chris Coon).


4. K.G.B. "Dying In the USA"
5. K.G.B. "Picture Frame Seduction"


  1. Always liked these songs from the Deaf Club LP. Never knew who the band was, or that there was a connection to the Offs. Thanks!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for posting this; a friend had this LP back in the day, and all i had was a shitty cassette copy. Wanted to buy the LP, but impossible to find!

    you're the best!


  3. Are there any other tapes of KGB?

  4. Phil,
    As far as I know, these two songs were the only recordings of KGB. They were released as a single I believe in about 1981 (recorded 1980). By then Johnny & crew had changed to No Alternative & were playing 'punkabilly'. You can listen to some No Alternative here.