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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

02 December 2007


The late 70's provided a giant stage for American underground bands trying to create a new kind of rock & roll. In San Francisco, The Mutants emerged as one of the great art school punk bands of the era with their unique seven-member high octane, alcohol fueled melodic punk assault. Each performance was treated as a special event, which the band packed with truly memorable tunes from their enormous catalog.

Seeing the Mutants live was like being invited to a secret John Waters movie about punk colorfully & melodically crashing into New Wave, like a dysfunctional locomotive designed by Johnnie Cash on angel dust. Why couldn't the Sex Pistols or the Doors be this much fun? Because the Mutants could be so flamboyant & conceptual, it's easy to forget the musical power of their songs. This is partially connected to how the vocals of sweet toughies Sally Webster & Sue White harmoniously combine with those of Fritz Fox. Although Frank Zappa denied ever using LSD, the Mutants didn't. Maybe that's how they mutated.

9. MUTANTS "Tribute to Russ Meyer"
10. MUTANTS "Monster of Love"

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