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02 December 2007

Pink Section

Re-uploaded 01/25/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Pink Section was a great short-lived no wave/synth/noise band that performed regularly in San Francisco during the 1980's. It's members included: Mr. Todd, Stephen Wymore & Judy Gittlsohn/Carol Detweiler of Japanese Weekend. Yoko Ono was an inspiration to them.

They released the Tour of China 7", a self-titled 12" & a number of scattered tracks on compilations albums back in the day, plus no doubt there is some unreleased material in the vaults. They should have done more, but whaddya gonna do, they were playing in every other band in town & life is short. They veer from catchy art-pop to demented synth spazz.

Pink Section 

11. PINK SECTION "Jane Blank"
12. PINK SECTION "Francine's List"
13. PINK SECTION "Been In the Basement 30 Years"

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