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23 February 2008


UPDATE: This post was was re-uploaded 11/15/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

It's the weekend & I felt like a bit of a change of pace. You have to keep changing those 45s so often & I'm trying to unwind some before band practice at 5:00pm. I decided to play LPs, & one of the ones I grabbed was Dawson. I don't know much about this band other than their music, which says enough.

Gruff Wit - Gruff003, 1991.
decryption code in comments

Before you had Lung Leg, Dick Johnson, or Pink Kross, there was the amazing Dawson. Glasgow's premier noise wavers are often forgotten in conversations about the Ex, Gang Of Four, or the Pop Group…but their debut album in 1991 stands up to the rest.

Of the bands mentioned, Dawson were closer in sound to the Ex or especially pre-Ex commies, the Rondos. Barfmarket...is a relentless attack with plenty of the Ex style political rantings. It all sounds quite brilliant still today.

If you are a fan of those earliest recordings of the Ex then this record is well worth having. All of the band’s output was great, but this is the most well-rounded effort.

Members : Jer Reid, Ali, Richie, Ceebe - sound engineer : Dawson - recording studio : Tower Studios


Fickle Pie
Diddley Squat
White Colonial
Face of W. Biryani
Paranoid Git
From the Loins of Mr. & Mrs. Neurosis
Biceps (Flexed mix)
False Freedom Breaks Dilute
General Specific
Grinding Dub
Process Purpose Vacuum Pack
Molicoke Cocktail
DJ Shinrip
Fifty Years



  1. I've added your blog to the Digital Meltd0wn Music Blogroll @ http://music-bloggers.blogspot.com as you requested.

    It's not required to be listed, but if you could link back to the blogroll in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for the great music. You've got a nice variety here. I'm in the process of browsing through it all now.

  2. Wow - thanks so much - I was told about your blog by the guy who runs the Eclectic Rhythm blog - discovered Dawson there and wanted to hear more. Been looking for their stuff for ages so this is indeed brilliant. I dips me hat to you!

  3. YES! I've been scraping soulseek forever for this album! Heroic!

  4. MEGA decryption code