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17 February 2008


Died Pretty on this EP were:

Vocals: Ronald S Peno

Guitar: Brett Myers
Keys: John Hoey
Bass: Mark Lock
Drums: Chris Welsh
Guests: Joe Borkowsky - Cello

Next to Nothing (Citadel Records Cat#: CITEP901, May 1985) has always been
a favorite EP of mine, being Nathan...& all.

Died Pretty are often regarded as one of the great Australian acts of the late 80s & early 90s.

1. Ambergris

An Australian rock & roll band formed in 1983 by veterans of the Sydney scene, Died Pretty was founded by deranged frontman Ronald S. Peno, organist Frank Brunetti, & guitarist Brett Myers. Owing in part to Brunetti's journalistic career, the group immediately attracted attention & drew comparisons to the Doors.

2. Plaining Days

Died Pretty jumped straight out of the starting block, releasing the wonderful "Out Of The Unknown" single followed by the impossibly cool "Mirror Blues", a psychedelic 12-minute epic spread out over both sides of a 7-inch release.

3. Desperate Hours

However, the real critical acclaim arrived in the form of the Next To Nothing EP that, in light of the previous two singles, revealed the band as a sort of modern day Aussie Velvet Underground. Next to Nothing established Died Pretty's potential to succeed in the worldwide market.

4. Final Twist

All cuts ripped from vinyl.

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