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02 March 2008

Sick-Sick-Sick...The Number of The Influenza Beast

Reuploaded by request April 2, 2017

This is how I feel.

Greetings from the fog.
Everyone here at Casa Nada has the flu.
My energy level is less than Ø, which is bad for me.
Ripped a CD to placate the salivating hordes.

666 - Aleister Crowley, Dressed To Kill METRO450, 2000.

A 2 CD set including a disc of original "ritual" ambient musick & another disc of original recordings of Crowley pronouncing the first & second Aethyrs (both in Enochian & English) along with many of his poems & writings, plus some interesting songs sung by the Mage himself.

A superb collection for anyone with an interest in the Occult and Thelema.

On the first disc the resonant poetic utterings of The Beast 666 are overlaid with haunting synth tracks & samples of the world of nature that admirably portray, convey, & describe the great ocean of dark chaotic elemental forces. The original dark psych musick was written & performed by one BARN JEHOVI (see Band of Pain??? for more info).

A magician of any background, or allegiance to any order or discipline should welcome
this disc as a means & aid to deep contemplative study & meditation. The symphonies of darkness are part of an other-worldly ethereal voyage.

The second disc constitutes a short assemblage of poems & Enochian invocations that are hard to decipher due to the excessive background hiss. "The only genuine recordings of Aleister Crowley" taken from the wax cylinder recordings of the 1930s. These recordings would have benefited greatly from a dose of studio post-processing & digital filtering.

Nonetheless, the power & use of Crowley's voice as a tool of the ritual magick is clearly demonstrated. If for nothing else, it should serve to connect the serious student of Thelema
with the timeless & ageless word of a Master.



  1. Yowza! How's about a giant ring-around-the-rosey HELL YEAH! for the sharing of some legitimate "bad mojo" sound files!?!!?
    (And by my 'bad-mojo' riff right there, I hope you recognize how sarcastic I'm)...
    I hope your illness subsided quickly, man.
    I'm going to put this Crowley on repeat and go to sleep right now... not because I'm overly needing evilness pumped to the grey-matter (hell, that's about all what's in there anyhow!), but a'cause I get to start a new job on the 'morrow.
    It seems like skillful preparation (at least that's what I'm calling it!) to me.
    Big thanks and WOW!

  2. Hi, any chance for a re-up please? Cheers

  3. Sorry it took a few days to get back to this, but it is re-upped now.