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12 November 2008

Time for a Little Something...

This one goes out to Jeffen, not because he requested it, but because he commented positively the last time I posted some Cringer. These East Bay punks kick out delightfully tuneful hardcore. Great production, great lyrics, great music. Simply put, great! Possibly their best release. "Signals" is particularly tastee!

Cringer - Time for a Little Something... , Vinyl Communications VC-23, 1991.

Title Side:
Triangle Pt 2
Cartoon Side:


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and I'll see that comment and raise you another one.

    I bought this record as well as their Hopeful Monsters split at their show (with Citizen Fish) at some guy's house in East St. Paul. They kicked ass (especially, "Burn down the Forests"). This run of singles was definitely their peak.

    Still miss Lance.

    P.S. Well-done post, especially with those nice scans.

  2. Great post! I have this on vinyl but it's pretty worn out. Yhis is Cringer at their best and one of my favorite 7"s I own. Thanx!