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14 January 2009

Chameleon Fetish

Chameleon Fetish was a bondage, punk, & piercing place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They put out a compilation of mostly local bands (Michigan, Illinois, & Iowa).

Various Artists - Chameleon Fetish presents:Perverts, Freaks, & Weirdos Vol. 1,
Chameleon Fetish 110, 1996.
& here

The Bands:

CRS - Ann Arbor, Michigan
What Have You Done at All Lately?
Mary St. Massacre
C.R.S.4 (Captive Rock Star)[Short Attention Span mix]

Thee Duma - Iowa City, Iowa
Silence is Rhythm Bound
Prayer for the Sick & Stupid

HAL - Ferndale, Michigan

Salt Chunk Mary - Ann Arbor, Michigan
I Fall Down
The Fish Song

The Deterants - Ypsilanti, Michigan
Used to Be a Fence

Blue Onion - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Liberate the Minnows

Nadsat Nation - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Plastic Man

The MIBs - Peoria, Illinois
Ant Dance

Mt. Tai - Detroit, Michigan
Mengele USA
Bury Freud


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