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11 January 2009

Just like hot Velveeta

Here's some smooth cheese. One hit blunders. Try the first track for their faux reggae splash, or the last track for bargain basement Queen of the Meatloaf poo-poo platter. This is what you deserve, boyos.

Chris Kay - lead vocals & guitars; Sky - bass; Guy McKeague - drums. Special guests Michael Dawson - lead vocals on "Never Wanna Go"; Ricci Accardi - drums on "Smoke Two Joints".

The Toyes - Smoke Two Joints ep 45, Ginger Coffeee Records PK 85003, 1983.

Side A:
Smoke Two Joints
Eddie's Theme

Side B:
Listen to the Radio
Never Wanna Go


1 comment:

  1. Strange, whacked fare.

    Okay; bland."Eddie's Theme" is not without a certain charm, though.

    I just spilled red wine down my blinds in the aftermath of listening to "Smoke Two Joints". I hope that doesn't betoke ill fortune ?