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14 January 2009

Clean Up this F@@king Mess

I'd forgotten about this until friend Jon was looking for it. I sent it to him, then I forgot again. Now I remembered again.

[from Wiki]
The Mops were formed in 1966 by a group of high schoolers: Mikiharu Suzuki (drums), Taro Miyuki (guitar), Masaru Hoshi (guitar), & Kaoru Murakami (bass). They began as an instrumental rock group similar to The Ventures, but soon after forming, Mikiharu Suzuki's brother Hiromitsu joined on lead vocals. The group began to play psychedelic rock at the suggestion of their manager, who had brought home recordings of American hippie groups such as Jefferson Airplane from his trip to San Francisco. The group signed to JVC Records, the Japanese wing of Victor Records, and released a single in November 1967 called "Asamade Matenai", which hit #38 on the Japanese charts. In April 1968, the full-length debut, Psychedelic Sounds in Japan, followed; the album included covers of "White Rabbit" & "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane, as well as songs by The Doors & The Animals. They received much press for being the 'first psychedelic band' in Japan, & performed with elaborate light shows.

The Mops - Psychedelic Sounds in Japan, RCA Victor Japan SJV-356, 1968

Side A:
Asamade Matenai (Can't Wait 'til Morning)
San Franciscan Nights
I am Just a Mops
Inside Looking Out
The Letter
Somebody to Love
Bera yo Isoge (Hurry Up Vera)

Side B:
White Rabbit
Asahi yo Saraba (Goodbye Morning Sun)
Light My Fire
Kienai Omoi (Unforgettable Memory anthem)
All of You
I Can't Get Hot
Blind Bird (Please Kill Me)



  1. Thanks again for this, Nathan. I have no idea what the Mops were saying, except for the unintentionally funny refrain of "Please kill me" on the last track.

  2. too bad the drop.io-link doesn't work.
    I know the second album of this band (found it at the mist-veiled-garden blog, which seems to be deleted now, but the file seems to be valid: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8XOX6BF2)

  3. To anyone interested in this album, it is among the many I posted in the Japan 2.0 post on August 22,2013.