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19 November 2009

Tar - Handsome

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 11/17/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Joe Stumble posted up the Tar Teetering 7“ over at Last Days of Man on Earth 2.0 so if you want more info about the band & whatnot, go over there. It just got me listening to & thinking about Tar again. It had been a while. Now I’m doing more of the same for you.

Engineered by Steve Albini May 7-8,1988 (“Mumper”, “Seam”, & “Mel’s”) & September 3,1988 (“Same”) & Iain Burgess September 17-18,1988 (“Static” & “Downtime”). Surprisingly enough, the tracks engineered by Burgess are the more ‘noise’ tracks & the Albini tracks are more straight ahead ‘punk rawk’, except for one, the almost ButtholeSurferish in-yer-face standout track of the mini,”Mel’s”. All songs mixed by Iain Burgess & Tar.

Recorded in the basement. Mixed upstairs in the back room off the kitchen. The basement flooded while we were upstairs mixing Downtime. Sorry Steve. Insert was nixed. These are the highlights:See these teeth...I will stay at the machine...shoo di no weh...Meet the rate...Gave you the gift...One more thing...

Tar - Handsome mini-lp,
Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 89160-1, 1989.
decryption code in comments

Static Side -

(secret track)

Downtime Side -




  1. new on blog


  2. Thanks for posting this, tar were one of the "grunge"(UUURGH!) bands that deserved a lot more attention than they recieved, always one of my favourites. even more of a joy for me as i`ve never heard this mini lp before, didn`t even know it existed! maybe it was never released in the uk

  3. to pankerijada,
    don't know what your comment means. I check your blog often, so if you mean there is new musick there, I've probably checked it out. if you mean new to this blog, well, you've commented here before, in fact I have your blog in my links (Support Your Scene).

    to corbypunk,
    tar was not really a (uuurgh!) grunge band, but a mid-west noise band on Amp Rep & Touch & Go. (Tad, on the other hand was from the great north-west). Glad you've found something new here. I think I'll post up Jackson & Roundhouse as soon as I get a chance. I've been really enjoying Tar.

  4. Chuckles Van Halen1/12/10, 3:03 PM

    Do you have any Black Tar? You know, those guys who play funkified versions of these old Tar songs. I really dig their slap bass. They are awesome live!

  5. MEGA decryption code