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26 November 2009

Jerry's Kids

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

How about this shit. A bunch of kids with muscular dystrophy making hardcore punk. Oh, wait a minute, not those Jerry’s Kids. This was one of the earliest Boston hardcore bands. They first appeared on the Modern Method Records This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation in 1982. Shortly after, frontman Bryan Jones & rhythm guitarist Dave Aronson left the band. Bass player Rick Jones, Bryan’s brother picked up the vocals chores & Chris Doherty of Gang Green took over on rhythm guitar. They recorded this classic 12 song LP Is This My World? on X-Claim in 1983.

Jerry's Kids - Is This My World?, Xclaim! Records X-6, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

I Don't Belong
Cracks In The Wall / Tear It Up
Crucify Me
Break The Mold
Raise The Curtain

Side B -

Vietnam Syndrome
Build Me A Bomb
New World
No Time
Is This My World?



  1. This is a classic blast. Esp. the opener has some manic drumming...!

  2. This is like a companion piece - vaguely - to the spiralling out of control column inches I gave Ian Dury recently.

    I'll wager that the authorities would have done their utmost to brush Jerry's Kids under the carpet in 'The International Year of Disabled Persons' too. Nowhere near cosy enough for safe consumption.

  3. MEGA decryption code

  4. The mix on the TAANG reissues are fucking horrible compared to the quality of sound found in these mp3s.

    1. Man, that's not saying much for TAANG!!! I just use a AudioTechnica deck that hooks up to my USB port, rip it using Audacity, don't do anything much to the sound unless there are actual skips. The pops & crackles stay. But thanks for the comment.