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17 December 2009

Loving Hurts so Good

This is meant to be a Brumalian gift for dear friend Ib over at SibLINGSHOT on the Bleachers. He's been laying out some sweet Holiday Dub & I've been trying to help out. So to Ib & Rose & family, the best always in life & love. This one's for you.

Susan Cadogan/Upsetters - Hurt so Good b/w Loving is Good 7",
Magnet Records MAG 23, 1970

Side A:
Hurts so Good (Susan Cadogan)
Side B:
Loving is Good (The Upsetters)
produced & arranged by Lee "Scratch" Perry



  1. Killer!

    This one is wholly new to me, and totally amazing.

    There is a Cadogan Street in Glasgow; even more proof - if it were ever needed - with regards Scotland's shady collusion in the slave trade.

    Now. Cadogan Street is the location in Glasgow which everybody must report to 'prove' their incapacity to work. It is a passport to a certain type of benefit, and notorious for its policing by government appointed nazis.

    I am not entirely shiftless. I have never knowingly exploited the system, but I object to certain political processes which continue to exploit individuals without due care or attention. The slave trade within the slave trade.

    We all start out born in prison. That much is obvious, except for those vampire stooges too slow to elevate themselves above the earth bound stake.

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    I am aways not quite drowning. A fuckhead with a fuckhead's sense of timing.

    I am humbled. I am self-protected arrogance.

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    Thanking you, NØ.

    You and Lao and The Black Dahlia.

    If all this saltiness is too absurd, tie yourself in knots.

    I've examined the creases between my nuts. I am a faltering imbecile.

  2. Yes. LOL is one of the few abbreviations I get.

    And coming out of my hangover this morning to read this back, LOL I did.

    Quel pomp.