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20 December 2009

Flipper - 1982 demos

I posted up a shitload of Flipper in the past & links to most of the rest. Here's an unofficial release of some demo tapes from 1982. So unreleased material & alternate versions.

Flipper - 1982 Demos

Disc 1 -
In Your Arms
You Naught Me
Survivors of the Plague
In Life, My Friends
One by One
Now is the Time
On & On

Disc 2 -
In the Garden
First the Heart
I Want to Talk
Flipper Blues
Get Away
Talk's Cheap
The Light, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise



  1. A dedication:


    Thank you for the support, hermano.

  2. Ahhh.. more existential noise from these acidheads - thanks alot and have happy holidays...!


  3. AAHHH flipper. Cool.

    Here's something very not flipper like...


    Experimental noise...

    Spread the word.

  4. I always loved Flipper-

    Flipper suffered for their music, now it's your turn.

    I've used that line onstage myself!

  5. Saw them at a reunion show in Berkeley last December. They still bring it, deaths & old age not withstanding.

  6. Thanks for this. I love Flipper and Generic and I never heard this so it will be a delight. Also thanks for your Third Secret of Fatima, that made for a nice morning.

  7. fucking great, this is hard to find

  8. Man, your account has been suspended or something. Can you please re-upload?

  9. Anonymous,

    Thanks for letting me know about the Mediafire problem. Indeed, my account has been suspended. Try the link now & let me know.

    1. Thanks, Nathan - this one works damn fine, already downloaded and ready to listen! But since you've unearthed such a gem of Flipper music, could you possibly find more? I am interested in 1990 Nürnberg Fish Trials LP in any quality above 128 kbps, Hash Pipe (Weezer cover) - again, hard to find in decent quality - and the 1993 single Sex Bomb (remix) with a rare b-side in ANY quality possible. And yes, check http://recordcollectorsoftheworldunite.com/artists/flipper/flipper.html - might be interesting.

    2. to Anonymous Flipper Fan,

      I have SUB 23 Sex Bomb single with B side marked "Brainwashed" instead of "Brainwash" as prior. Included "Hash Pipe". Don't have 1993 remix or Nürnberg.
      Try http://depositfiles/files/ocptrnqrw
      I'll keep looking for the others & if you get them first, I'm interested always.

    3. Sorry to say that, but your depositfiles link is dead as a roadkill.
      Anyway, do you need this: 1981 - Berkeley, KALX 28.06.1981 (Bootleg)? I also have 1990 - Someday / Distant Illusion (7'' single), the record sounds much different from the album version. And yes, also there is an LP of a band F-Word called "Like It or Not Live" that I happen to have a digital copy of. And yes, I am a Flipper fan - in the middle of a place you'll have trouble finding on a map...

  10. For what its worth i've got the FLIPPER Nurnberg album you're looking for. In case you want me to upload it just holla.


    1. Ok, I am hollering! Upload it somewhere (for what it's worth).

    2. Have fun:

      Great live band btw. A band that carries a fist fight from stage into the audience without missing a beat is always a pleasure!


    3. to Mr. D Duck,
      Thank you so very much kind sir.
      Wanted & got it.

      to Anonymous FF,
      the link is good, I just can't type
      its depositfiles/files/ocptrnqvw (that was supposed to be v then w, not r then w as I originally posted.) I'd like that Someday single.
      This has been great fish fun.

      Again Gracias, DD

    4. Thank you Nathan - that was almost too kind... Ha! Nah, always welcome!


    5. Ohh, sweet mother of Satan! FLIPPER! Thanks a lot, DD!
      Now, it's my turn to share: http://depositfiles.com/files/uq0h1asnd - this sweet little archive contains their 1990 single plus all their covers thrown in as a bonus (NOFX, AC/DC, Metallica & Nirvana - though the quality is average at best). I added a demo of Get Away (source unknown) to the mix as well.
      Now it's only the Sex Bomb remix that I'm missing.
      I also have the scans for most of their cd reissues - anyone needs it, gets it.
      Aw, yes - an archive containing 4 Flipper covers by the almighty Melvins: http://depositfiles.com/files/8pw0oxwrl
      OK. That OK so far?

    6. to Anonymous,


  11. FLIPPER rooools OCK mais oui il est tres necessaire pour ecoutez les WARSTARS ici (www.andywarstar.blogspot.com) MAINTENANT!!!!!!

  12. thanks Andy,
    downloaded some of yr music.
    will be listening to it shortly.

  13. Thanks NO!!!! Also thanks to Donut Duck for Nurnberg!! NO check out DELUSION (on the blog now), however WARSTARS most FLIPPER-esque album is a no-wave compilation called Noise Party. It's not as structured as the music of our fishy friends, but I still like it....... great blog....... thanks again..............

    1. Cool, loving this stuff. I snagged Delusion but also grabbed
      Noise Party from archives.org. While I was looking, I saw many
      titles that intrigued: Alien Porkchops; Legend of the Golden Vagina;
      Fruit Cellar Jams;The Cat Shit Sessions...among many others. I have added a link to your site (big deal, right?). Just saying...thanks again.

  14. thank you for this! Flipper is one of the all time greats and there are a precious too few recordings of the classick lineup left in their wake! i saw your Youtube comment on the video for this, now good luck gettin rid of me!!!