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30 December 2009

It's a Crime (& the City Solution)

UPDATE : This post was re-uploaded 05/27/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Everybody's talkin' Birthday Party but this is a wake, mutha. How about...Just South o' Heaven?

Crime & the City Solution - Just South of Heaven,
Mute Records STUMM 22, 1985.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

Rose Blue
The Coal Train
Stolen & Stealing

Side B -

Five Stone Walls
Trouble Comes this Morn
The Wailing Wall

R.I.P. Roland,


  1. NØ - thanks for posting this. I'm gonna go check it out right now.

  2. It may be almost a year now that he's been gone. But that doesn't make it any better. Thanks for posting this beautiful record.

  3. Thanks for hipping me to this....

  4. MEGA decryption code