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28 August 2010

Punk Til Ya Poop!

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/17/2015.  Enjoy, NØ

Following closely on the heels of the notorious compilation Punk Til Ya Puke!...

I got this one from my friend Dirty Mike from Dirty Records in Phoenix. This gem is on another Phoenix DIY label Bad Stain Records, which is run by some friends of Dirty Mike’s. A new entry into the always popular Bad Stain punk compilation line-up, featuring no less than 32 rare & unreleased songs by some of the youngest, funniest punk/hardcore/ska bands from the the last gasps of the 20th Century.

Some of these bands are from the Phoenix area. Others are bands with ties to Dirty Records & Bad Stains in one way or another. Maybe they released stuff on one of their labels, or played gigs or shared floor space in Phoenix. Wherever they’re from, this is an eclectic but fun mix.

Some of the acts you’ll know, like: Less than Jake; or At the Drive In; or Drain Bramaged. Some of the bands are on Dirty Records & have been featured here in the past: No Fraud; Mandingo: or Adam’s Alcoholics. Some of them are obviously into some weird-name thing that must have been going on at the time: The Fonzarellies; The Liverrotchies; The Grubbies; Beezlebullies; or Swookumchuck. Then there are some bands you may not have ever heard that are worth the listen, particularly Against All Odds; Dirty Laundry; & Subject Mad.

Whatever the case, check this sucker out.

Various Artists - Punk Til Ya Poop!, Bad Stain Records BS015, 1998.



  1. Ha ha! Next time I have constipation I will play this and see if it "moves" me.

  2. NØ I have lost your email address because I reformatted my computer and it was stored in Thunderbird. Please email me. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Cany you reupload this sampler? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry it took a couple days to re-up this. This is one of the old files I lost when my motherboard fried in 2011. Re-rip & ready to rock.