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01 August 2010

SoFA's Choice

Here’s another compilation of San Jose bands, this from Little Lucky (in fact it starts off with Horchata’s “Green Butter” that was on the last Little Lucky post). It is a broad brush-stroke of downtown San Jose bands of that time. This one’s called SoFA’s Choice.

A little history.

In the second wave of San Jose’s attempted musickal renaissance (the first wave involved The Laundry Works, Scottish Rites Temple, Ribzy, Los Olvidados, Frontier Wives etc.), clubs & bands flourished in the South First Street Area. The area was labeled SoFA, echoing San Francisco’s South of Market SoMA.

One of the events moving the scene in the right direction began on Sunday, Sept. 27, 1992, when the first SoFA Street Fair took place on South First Street. The fair flaunted a more Bohemian bent than its downtown mainstream cousins like Tapestry in Talent. It celebrated more alternative culture & musick. The first year was wild, as all the numerous bars & night clubs located along the street were open for free & featured a non-stop roster of the newest local acts. Street vendors, artists, & poets were in abundance. Believe it or not, a lot of the locals hauled out their old beat up sofas & set them up on the sidewalk for seating to relax on & watch the events of the day unfold. But soon the fair evolved from its freewheeling free-for-all beginnings to a more traditional sort of music festival with the addition of gates & fences, admission charges, & hundreds of cops. By the third year, few of the original SoFA denizens even attended & sofas were banned. After 10 years, the SoFA Street Fair died an ugly death.

This compilation is named after that area, those events, & the bands that tried to sustain the scene.

Various Artists - Sofa’s Choice (Sounds from Downtown), Little Lucky, 1997.

Tracks -
Green Butter - Horchata
The Giant Fish - Neosoreskin
Artebella (Timbale mix) - Monkey
Live My Empty - Grits
Snowflake - Creamsickle
Willie’s Blunt - Willie’s Conception
Front - Insolence
Cocktails - Jalopy Taco Stand
It’s Alright - The Odd Numbers (only band to play every SoFA Street Fair)
Clay Wheels’ Theme - Clay Wheels
If You’re About to Cry - The New Mosquitos
He & She - Terra Nova
The Rain - Andalusia
Under the Lean-to - Lisa Dewey (incorrectly titled on the release as “Close to My Honeypie”)
Here’s Your Song - Your Precious You
The Devil Just Got Fired - Redd Devlin
Spies - Caustic Notions
Would You, Really - Elric



  1. Nice post Nathan. I have never seen this one before. Being a San Jose guy too, I will comment on SOFA...It was real cool like Nathan says. First 3 years or so were fantastic. For many bands including mine, SOFA was a fantastic opportunity to showcase your trade. Loved playing them! Too bad it did degenerate into what it became. It really was a fun festival!

  2. Damn that sounded so cool! We need something like that here but I think the xtians would come out in full force and take over the sofas!
    Great post!

  3. Hi Nathan,
    Yeah been a bit of a looong rough patch for me. Slowly things are looking sorta "up". Don't know how much I'll be doing the blog, but definitely every now and then.
    Thanks for your nice comment.

  4. The artwork looks really nice, nice playing with the typography - think i'll take a bite - thank you!

  5. Green butter is a masterpiece ...inner city Jim and ona