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27 November 2010

Legendary Pink Dots at Cafe Du Nord

Last Saturday Lao Elanya, Black Dahlia, Guitar Mike & I ventured out in the worst downpour we’ve had in quite a few years, at times (near Vacaville) with zero visibility, to drop into the basement of San Francisco’s Cafe Du Nord to partake in the artistry that is the Legendary Pink Dots on their (unbelievable) 30th Anniversary tour. Nothing could have kept NØ away.

Anyone familiar with this blog knows that I’m a LPD junkie, but honestly, it was the best show
I’ve been to in years. Cafe Du Nord is always a great venue for LPD. Everyone in attendance was ready for some great entertainment. They were not denied. LPD played for nearly two hours & did two long encore sets without much begging (some begging, not too much).

Words fail me, so I’ll let this approximation of their set speak for the band & my feeble attempt at review.

I will briefly add that Phil Knight (aka: The Silverman, Phil Harmonix) on keyboards, soundscapes, electronics devices, gadgets, technology; & Edward Ka-Spel (aka: Prophet Qa-Spel, Qa'Sepel, Che Banana, D'Archangel) on vocals, keyboards, devices, gadgets, interference, & premonitions work together as a finely tuned machine & new-comer Erik Drost was , as they say, a thunder of stringed things including acoustic, electric, bass & Hawaiian guitars. It was all lovingly presented by Raymond Steeg, LPD's long-serving mixing & engineering guru.

The Legendary Pink Dots - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, November 20,2010.

Endless Time
The More it Changes
The More it Stays the Same
Waiting for the Call
Another Kind of Violence
Love Puppets
The Key to Heaven
The Brightest Star
Remember Me this way

Soft Toy
A Crack in Melancholy Time

another encore
Close Your Eyes, You Can be a Space Captain

Enjoy the show,


  1. awe man, I was hoping for a live set link... I saw them in 1998 in Chicago and it was amazing... wish there was a capture of them live.