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09 November 2010

State of Decay Across the USA

I dug this out a little while ago & it’s been getting a lotta play aroun’ heeyah. Great goth-tinged post-punk from Don Diego & Linda LeSabre. They had both been members of Washington D.C. post-punk outfit Grand Mal. After leaving that band, they moved to Los Angeles in 1987 & their four-song EP followed shortly thereafter.

I originally had the four-song Elvis Christ EP which features the first four songs of side two of this LP. Then came The LP. This is the original vinyl release from 1988 on Gymnastic Records, a great goth/industrial label out of Germany. It was also released the following year on vinyl by Flipside Records & as a CD by Little Sister Records. Both 1989 versions are identical but the 1988 version not only has "Drums Along the Mohawk" (which was replaced in the later versions by "Chain of Abuse") but it contains earlier different mixes. The 1989 versions have been remixed, & the sound is more clear, the vocals more to the forefront. I prefer this original version which is a bit muddier, but is much richer instrumentally. The bass of Don Diego is the lead instrument on all the releases, but on this earlier version there is more use of studio effects, yet it conveys a much more raw sound.

Credits: Don Diego - bass & vocals; Linda LeSabre - drums & vocals; Dave Haas - guitar (B1 - B4); Wrex Mok - guitar & vocals (A1 - A4 & B5); & Danny Frankel - percussion, voodoo shakers & rattles.

Death Ride '69 - The LP!, Gymnastic Records GYM 102, 1988.

Side A -
Blue Gel Green
God Tab
Drums Along The Mohawk
Side B -
State Of Decay
Sex Drive ‘68
Elvis Christ
Crash & Burn
1969 (Stooges cover)



  1. I'm gonna check this out. And no longer will I say Jesus Fucking Christ, I'm going to say Elvis Fucking Christ!


  2. Elvis Fucking Christ.
    I love it!