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18 November 2010


Out of the harrowing days of the Spanish Inquisition, across the centuries, comes the torturous & unforgettable saga of Ambrosio, The Monk.

Proud & powerful, Ambrosio commands legions of adoring followers until violent, forbidden passions drive him from the holy embrace of the Church into the waiting arms of Matilda, an enchanting & treacherous temptress in league with the Devil. Desperate with depraved desires for yet another mysterious, though innocent, woman, Ambrosio is plunged into the terrors of profane, unspeakable acts & dark occult deeds from which there is only one escape.


Matthew G. Lewis - The Monk,
Avon (Publishers of Bard, Camelot, Discus, Equinox, & Flare Books),
First Avon Printing, September, 1975.

Just got back from driving a LA round-tripper this weekend. Crazee good hash/sinsemilla voyage. Ate at The Supreme Masters Loving Hut after a mad rush down I5 to the high desert past Palmdale & into the back-door of the Inland Empire. The pure-energy food woke our bodies & souls. We called our contacts & met them on Baseline. They gave us two nights in a plush sweet suite with in-room jacuzzi; the place had a state-of-the art work-out room & indoor pool & sauna. I swam & sweated. We then headed out to Bright Star Vegan Thai for late dinner. They emptied the place out as we munched on Shrimp Batter 1 (vegan tempura from on high!). Then the chef cooked up a presentation dinner that equaled anything from Greens or Millennium.

Somehow through all the insanity of the past few weeks (Tobee dying, Tony in the nursing home), I’ve somehow read my way through the Stieg Larsson The Girl trilogy, The Monkey Wrench Gang (thanks Michelle, I finished it & lent it to a friend who had read it years ago & had been wanting to read it again), & am now reading this.

Enjoy the tune..."Amen" by Bardo Pond from 1993s No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki. Thought Amen went with THE MONK.



  1. Very enjoyable post, NØ! Wish I could have joined ya'll in your excursion!
    Thanks also for your continued awesomeness, you are now my lord and savior!
    But I do need your email address again - it's disappeared under 1's and 0's when I reformatted my pc.

  2. SS,
    I think this is getting to be our private meeting place. No longer keeping up with the Joneses. Just slapping up shit that is on my mind or in my ears at the moment, plus now I'm really up against the -$$$, so job hunting (more like job begging) takes up too much time.

    Glad we have this quiet place to meet.

    Damn if that my lord thang don't taste sweet.

    Love ya, babe.