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15 December 2010

American Woman

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/11/2013. Enjoy, NØ

Sweeping across the wheat fields of Manitoba, Canada blown by the winds of hard-rock that was rearing its head in the late 60s - early 70s, The Guess Who took America & the rest of the world by storm. "American Woman" was the first #1 hit by a Canadian group since The Crew Cuts hit the top with 1954s "Sh-Boom".

This selection goes out to my friend Jonder, who brought up the current epitome of American Womanhood, Kim Kardashian. After years of pencil-thin waifs & heroin-chic skeletons, it’s nice to drool over a curvaceous cutey. This post is dedicated to the two of them

The Guess Who, in their fourth incarnation on this album, were: Burton Cummings - keyboards, vocals, guitar, & harmonica; Randy Bachman - guitar; Jim Kale - bass; & Garry Peterson - drums.

The Guess Who - American Woman, RCA Victor LSP-4266, 1970.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

American Woman
No Time
No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

Side 2 -

969 (The Oldest Man) (Instrumental)
When Friends Fall Out
Proper Stranger
Humpty's Blues / American Woman (Epilogue)



  1. Alright! If you see KK out there on the Left Coast, give her my love. And by that I mean every inch of my love.

  2. just stumbled on your blog and it looks like you gotta lotta good stuff here!

    in my humble opinion, burton cummings is the most underrated singer ever. think of the range of how much he sings so well:

    the acoustic beginning and hard rock of "american woman", the skittle bop of "undone", the classic pop of "these eyes", it goes on and on.

    take some time to really listen to him sing if you never have... BURTON ROCKS!

  3. MEGA decryption code