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04 December 2010


 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 11/25/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Whenever I say Procol Harum to anyone, they always give one of two responses..."A Whiter Shade of Pale" or "Conquistador".

I think??? Robin Trower...Gary Brooker...Keith Reid & two albums that if you haven’t heard, then you don’t know jack...er,Procol Harum. 1968s Shine On Brightly & 1970s Home.

I am constantly torn trying to decide which one I like the best. I think Shine On right now, but I’m posting Home nonetheless.

I’ll blacken your Christmas & piss on your door. You’ll cry for mercy, but still there’ll be more.”

Procol Harum 1970: Robin Trower - guitar; Gary Brooker - vocals & piano; Chris Copping - bass & organ; & B.J. Wilson - drums. Lyrics by Keith Reid, music by Brooker or Trower. Produced by Chris Thomas.

Procol Harum - Home, A&M Records, SP 4261, 1970.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

Whisky Train
The Dead Man's Dream
Still There'll Be More
Nothing That I Didn't Know
About to Die

Side 2 -

Barnyard Story
Piggy Pig Pig
Whaling Stories
Your Own Choice



  1. For me, it's Homburg. And something off "A Salty Dog". Thanks fer this, I don't believe I've heard it previously.

  2. MEGA decryption code