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11 December 2010


UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 12/07/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I was going to post up Bloodrock 2 just because it contains the great proto-metal masterpiece "D.O.A." but Bloodrock’s debut album is in my opinion a better album overall. It is a dark heavy album with drummer Jim Rutledge singing songs of great lyrical imagery, with Steve Hill’s mesmerizing swirling organ, & Lee Pickens’ fiery guitar lines.

Emerging from Texas in 1969, Bloodrock prove that good ol' Southern boys could rock as good as any English band at the time. At times, the interplay of guitar & organ reminds a bit of Ritchie Blackmore & Jon Lord in Deep Purple except that Lee Pickens is a more soulful guitar player than Ritchie Blackmore, possibly one of the most underrated guitar players of his era.

Bloodrock - Bloodrock, Capitol Records 435, 1970.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Gotta Find A Way
Castle of Thought
Double Cross

Side B -
Wicked Truth
Gimme Your Head
Fantastic Piece of Architecture
Melvin Laid an Egg



  1. I am very fond of this album, especially side two. My LP always skips on "Gimme Your Head", and I've grown to like it that way. "Gimme your head... head... head..."

  2. I've only ever owned 2 and 3...thanks man this is killer.

  3. all of Bloodrock's records are worthwhile

  4. MEGA decryption code