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01 January 2011

Blood Satisfaction

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/12/2013. Enjoy, NØ.
Well, it’s a New Year.

Hope you all got your blood satisfaction for all your funky little demons.

You can read all about it in the Wolfgang Press.

" Too sophisticated for the mainstream and too, well, arty for the prevailing underground scene of the time, any record of theirs was always going to require more than one pass to grub out the intricacies. "
----- Sam Bucca

The Wolfgang Press - Funky Little Demons,
4AD CAD 4016, 1995.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

Going South
11 Years
Blood Satisfaction
Derek The Confessor

Side 2 -

So Long Dead
She's So Soft
New Glass
Fallen Not Broken
People Say

I have added the bonus CD Funky Little Demons Mixes from the 2007 CD re-release.

Executioner (Adamson mix)
Christianity (Sherwood mix)
Going South (Adrenalin mix)
11 Years (Sabres main mix)



  1. MEGA decryption code

  2. Nice.Been looking for this.Thanks