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12 January 2011

Really Freaked

So I see Randy Quaid is in the news a lot lately, & since he is one of my favorite character actors, I was wondering what all the buzz was. I found out it is great news. He is starring is the sequel to 1993s Freaked.

The movie is called Really Freaked: The Persecution Of Elijah C Skuggs. Elijah & his wife Evie are wanted by the law & are found hiding out at their old place, Freekland. After being released on a half Zillion dollars bail each, they flee the country, trying to get asylum in a foreign Dominion. Elijah has incurred the wrath of the Hollywood Hierarchy after creating his troupe of mutant Entertainers using his Zygrot 24-powered mutation device.

The Hollywood Hierarchy dispatch the insidious Hollywood Star Whackers. What ensues is an action-packed comedy/thriller. The Star Whackers follow a trail of star-studded clues in the search for Elijah & Evie, eliminating everyone they encounter as they go. They manage to kill Heath Ledger, Britanny Murphy, Chris Penn, Natasha Richardson, Michael Jackson, & David Carradine. They poison Jeremy Piven with mercury-laced tuna, launch smear campaigns against Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, & Mel Gibson, & frame both Robert Blake & Phil Spector for murder.

The mainstream media is quick to side with the Hollywood-written script, mocking & ridiculing the couple, attributing their defection & apparent betrayal to drug abuse. They circulate rumors that the Skuggses “snort Demerol to cure migraines”.

Then one of Hollywood’s own, publicist Ronni Chasen is gunned down in her Mercedes on a busy Beverly Hills street in broad daylight. She has left documents & photographs to be released to the World press in case of her untimely demise. The media quickly begin singing a different tune (the theme song “Really Freaked” by pedophile Gary Glitter).

I’ve probably given away too much about the film already & I wouldn’t want to ruin the climax for anyone so all I’ll say is, go out & see it yourself. You’ll love it, it’s REALLY FREAKED.

Various Artists - Freaked Un-OST, Bill & Ted Records BTR @$*%!, 19--.

Freaked - Blind Idiot God featuring Henry Rollins
Gumby Jack Flash - Paul Leary
Rip/Stop - Blind Idiot God
Butter Queen - Butthole Surfers
Hideous Mutant Freekz - Axiom Funk (PFunk, Bill Laswell, & frenz)
Sweat Loaf - Butthole Surfers
Midget Man Skank - Blind Idiot God
Cha Bump - Bald Bill Hagan and His Trocaderons
Gluehead Stomp - Blind Idiot God

Eye & Eye, mon.



  1. Didn't know about that movie from '93! I just read that the Residents will be bringing their "Talking Light" tour back to the States in the spring. The tour will wind up in LA (El Rey April 9) and SF (Bimbo's April 15 & 16). "Hollywood Star Whackers" might be a good name for their next project!

  2. You may dig this - http://www.projection-booth.com/?p=107 - the latest episode of The Projection Booth with special guests Alex Winter, Tom Stern, Tim Burns, Megan Ward, and Lee Arenberg.


  3. to Mike White,
    thank you so much for this great link. I just listened to it & I'm still laughing. Great segue from this here post, Most appreciated.