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29 May 2013


Although the Congolese rumba style became most popular in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa), Zaïre (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), it actually began across the river in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. A sonic chain linking the two closest capitals in the world began on the 15 of August 1959, one year exactly before independence was granted to the Republic of Congo. Les Bantous de la Capitale played their first concert in Brazzaville. At that time, quite a lot of local music fans were surprised to discover that the famous musicians who had founded this ensemble actually ranked among their fellow countrymen.

At that time, Jean-Serge Essous, Dieudonné ‘Nino’ Malapet, Saturnin Pandy, Edouard ‘Edo’ Ganga, Célestin ‘Célio’ Kouka, & Daniel “De la Lune” Loubelo were the forerunners of a musical movement which was to turn the culture of Central Africa upside down, which would spread to the four corners of Africa & beyond. Suave voices, elegant guitars, sensual melodies, a discreet beat…this was the style which became a musical expression of the Pan African ideal borne of the struggle against colonialism.

Kinshasa has often been the focus of much musical interest, often at the expense of Brazzaville. This release should highlight the unique & irreplaceable role of the Le Bantous de la Capitale in pushing rumba onto the world stage.

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Tracklist –

Tokumisa Congo
Mobali Liboso
Camarade Mabe
Bantous de la Capitale
Maria Linda
Mon Coue rest Occupe
C’est la Vie
Libala Ekeseni
Samy Ozwi Ya Sika
Mbanda, Tu Perds Ton Temps


Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Ballou Canta, & Shimita El Diego formed the Soukous Stars with master guitarist Dally Kimoko in 1989 as an outgrowth of their experiences playing together in Les Quatre Etoiles in the 80s. The band performs Congolese grooves & dance crazes as well as a healthy dose of rumba Congolaise, featuring originals by Lokassa Ya Mbongo & Ngouma Lokito.

Soukous Stars moved on to Paris & then more recently the US. They have had many personnel changes & they play a slick style of Paris soukous these days, but are hugely popular. This is from 1989, the year they formed. Primal & fantastic.

 Ballou Canta et Soukous Stars – Sadia, Saxone Music S 1829, 1989.

Face A -

Bolingo Sonia
Amour Madinina
Kumbe Kumbe

Face B -
Si Tu Me Vois



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