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12 May 2013


During this journey I have tried to diversify the styles of music that I post as much as possible. I have also tried to feature as many female artists as I can. It is not from a sexual bias as much as from the fact that in many parts of the world still today, in many cultures & many religions, women are still not afforded the rights of men. That being the case, I feel it is imperative to show the amazing musical talents of both men & women in an equal light. If there is great music everywhere on the planet, there are also great artists of every race, religion, ethnic group, or sex. Music is truly global, if not universal.                                
Fatu Gayflor was born in 1966 in the village of Kakata in northwestern Liberia. She is a member of the Lorma ethic group. She is a famed Liberian singer dubbed ‘Princess Fatu Gayflor, the golden voice of Liberia’. As a child she learned the rituals & song of her people. She learned to play the shekere as a member of the Sande society. Sande is a women's association found in Liberia, Sierra Leone, & Guinea that initiates girls into adulthood, confers fertility, instills notions of morality & proper sexual comportment. It maintains an interest in the well-being of its members throughout their lives. Sande champion women's social & political interests. From a young age, she performed often in community celebrations, including the ritual Moonlight Dance, in her home village of Kakata.

In 1978, at just 12 years of age, she joined the Liberian National Cultural Troupe (LNCT) in Keneja. In LNCT she learned traditional songs from 16 different ethnic groups across Liberia. She was given the title “Princess” in recognition of her exquisite renditions of traditional songs. She eventually became the group's lead singer & toured throughout the world with the ensemble. She has performed at major music venues and festivals throughout the world and has made a number of recordings.

In the early 80s she went out on her own, founding the successful Daughters of King N’Jola dance & music ensemble in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. Gayflor made her first two solo albums in Liberia during the mid-1980s. She left the country for the Ivory Coast in 1989 due to the First Liberian Civil War; making her third album while residing in a refugee camp.

On The Golden Voice of Liberia, the musicians are: Fatu Gayflor - vocals; Aweke Glymin - guitar; David Zubah - rhythm guitar; Carlos Sekyi - keyboards; Bibi Dowuna Hammond - bass; Lord Sekyi - conga; & Dan Ashietey - drums.

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Side 1 –
E Beh Kiyah Kooney
Yey Nooney

Side 2 –
E La Lokpeh
Bandan Koh
Tikeh Leywey


Ebenezer Kojo Samuels was born in 1943 in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. He pursued a course in art & music. He received his degree in arts. He taught art & sculpture from 1973 until 1976. At the same time he was following his dream of becoming a professional musician.

In 1976 he formed the band Kapingbdi in Monrovia, Liberia. Kapingbdi is a funky Liberian Afro-jazz ensemble. In 1978 they released this self-titled Afro-rock-jazz album. They toured extensively & released two more albums, 1980s Hey Brother & 1981s Don’t Escape. The band dissolved in 1985. Kojo went on to perform with Fela Kuti & Cecil Taylor.

In 2010 he started a fabulous new project called Kojato & the Afro Latin Cougaritas. They released All about Jazz in 2012. It features a fresh colorful sound, combining Afrolicious Bossa-Jazz with 60s Soul & 70s Funk. The positive vibes transcend boundaries, language, color lines.

Kojo has been dubbed ‘the high priest of music’ in Liberia. He is a spirited joyful player with sparkling energy, spontaneous & immediate with a concise social criticism. His songs tell illuminating stories full of wisdom & truth.

On Kapingbdi's first release, the band are: Kojo Samuels – vocals, saxophone, flute, ballaphone, & shekere; Jean-Claude Nanga – guitar & cow bells; Mamadee Kamera – vocals, bass, & congas; Ciaffa Barclay – vocals, congas, & percussion; & Thomas Mensah – drums & sangba drums.

Kapingbdi – Kapingbdi (African Rhythm Rock Jazz from Liberia, West Africa),
Unsere Stimme US-0057, 1978.
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Side A –
Mali Feeling
Now is the Time to Cry for Love
Soko Jazz

Side B -
Don't Mess with My Music



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