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07 May 2013

The Gambia


This was recorded by Billy Youdelman on April 15th & 16th 1990 in Birkama, the Gambia. Co-produced by bassist Bill Laswell & Gambian griot Foday Musa Suso, this album delves into the West African roots that inspired their fusionary Mandingo project. Ancient Heart features recordings of both of the Gambia's two major ethnic groups, the Mandinka & Fulani. But while the 11 songs are true to tradition, the approach is varied from the norm by recording the musicians in ensembles rather than the usual solo setting. This ensemble playing tends to raise the entire level on this extremely uplifting album, featuring some truly amazing musicianship.

All the information you might enjoy about the Mandinka & Fulani tribes, music, & musicians are on the cd insert, & song information is on the back, both of which are included in the sample, for those seriously interested. Other than that…

This is griot music like featured in Mauritania as performed by Malouma. But this griot, while steeped in the same musical traditions, has the different flavor of the different groups. The Mandinka tracks are mostly kora & some balafon, beautiful & transporting. The Fulani tracks are mid to fast tempo, thick with percussion, featuring some raw fiddling & singing. All in all, some most spiritual musick.

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Tracklist -  
Sanjon Bilama            
Nyanyer Song            
China Product            


From the Gambia, the Guelewars Band of Banjul played their particular brand of the Afro-manding sound during a short period in the late 1970s & early 1980s. Their sound features strong percussion, a psychedelic tinge, prominent keyboards & saxophones. Guelewars Band play an Afro-fusion, jazz, pysch, funk & manding musical cocktail sprinkled with Senegalese sabar & tama percussions. This is fantastic music, but surprisingly enough, not much has been reissued on CD. Not much is known about the group except that the band leader, Laaye N'gom, was formerly with the Supreme Eagles which became later Super Alligators. Also, the singer & composer is Moussa N'Gom. His music is really singular. He later left to join Omar Pene's Super Diamono before starting a solo career. His latest project is another band called le Groupe Talibe.

Youssou N'Dour considers Guelewars Band as a main inspirational influence, partly because of the use of lyrics in a noble wolof language as opposed to "street" wolof, & partly because Guelewars Band had resolutely moved forward from latin & highlife styles to an explosive mix of soul & funk with Senegambian rhythms such as Boogaraboo & Ndaga.

On Tasito, the Guelewars Band are: Laaye N’gom vocals, keyboards, & piano; Moussa N’gom – lead vocals; Moussa Mbodji Njie – guitar; Malick Njock Njie – bass; Bas Lo Fara Biram – alto saxophone; Laaye Sallah – tenor saxophone; & Adu Sallah, Alive Badara Cham N’gom, & Koto Sunu Icoto N’gom – percussion.

 Guelewars Band of Banjul– Tasito, Productions Jambaar PJ – JM 5001, 1980. 
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Side 1 –

Side 2 –
Kele Fasane



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