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05 December 2013

It's All About Exposure

Various – About Exposure, self-released, 2003.
decryption code in comments

We believe that music exploration has definitely been constrained by means of property, money makin’, & fame gainin’. Therefore these recordings are given away free. 200 copies were distributed hand by hand. Keep copying. The cost of this project was 100€.”

Tracklist –
About Exposure
Get Rid of Your Social Beds
Remember, Summer has Changed
32 Questions Never Asked
Come on, You Fucker Stop Calling me (Names)
World War III Aiming at Me
We Live in War
Out of this World (Vive la Paralysie)
Man Extension Active
Εσώτερο Διάστημα
I Want a Riot to Burn my Store
Manos Felt Asleep

My Name is Thomas: tracks 1,4,7
The Night that Donna Martin Lost her Virginity: tracks 2,5,9,11-12,16-17
Rud[r]: tracks 3,6,10,13,15,18
Xpiths: tracks 8,14

(note: I translated the names of tracks 13 & 15 in the .zip file to avoid problems unpacking with WinRar or some of the others that have language issues. Don’t really seem to have that problem with 7zip [I learned my lesson as I was traveling around the world]. The file can be correctly renamed from the above list or from the ID3 info.)


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