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08 December 2013

There is a System to my Madness

System 01 – From Psychodelics to Cybernetics, Interfisch IF-SETH 026 MS, 1991.
decryption codes in comments

A-Side (over) –
Any Reality is an Opinion
From Psychodelics to Cybernetics
Paralysed Force

B-Side (this) –
Any Reality is an Opinion (instrumental)
From Psychodelics to Cybernetics (instrumental)
Know Time

System 01 – Victim 34 EP, Interfisch 01730-08, 1992.

Side I –
Victim 34
Drugs Work

Side II –
68 December 30
The Pleasure Principle
Drugs (instrumental)
(side I plays at 45rpm – side II plays at 33rpm)

System 01 – Drugs Work 2xLP, Tresor - Tresor 28, 1994.

side a –
Drugs Work
The One Mind
Take My Soul

side b –
Disembodied Voices
Bug Powder
Deadly & Addictive

side c –
Mind Sensations
Paralysed Force

side d –
You’re like Me
Family Drugs



  1. Psychodelic
    Victim 34
    Drugs Work

  2. that Victim 34 is great. theres a great video of it somewhere out there. great stuff.


  3. Thanks for the comment. Also for the heads-up about the video. I'll try searching it out. Checked out your site & am downloading the discography now. I put a link here also.

    1. Link to video:

      Videoclip de Claudia Iglesias. Musica de Paul Browse/system 01.
      Video realizado sobre material filmico de Claudia Iglesias para la fiesta MARTE 7, efectuada el 7 de abril de 1992 en el bar la Batuta de Santiago de Chile.

      (Video clip by Claudia Iglesias. Music by Paul Browse/System 01. Video made by Claudia Inglesias for MARTE 7 Fiesta. Shown at Batuta bar in Santiago, Chile April 7, 1992.)

      Thanks to: mgrayum@hotmail.com