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12 December 2013

Liber Legis - The Book of the Law

Gothick – Nu-Had-Ra (Visions ov Liber Legis)

Gothick is a British industrial/experimental/rock band founded by Sean Woodward in 1999.
Gothick are influenced by the work of Aleister Crowley & the culture of Thelema (hence the spellling with a K). They create songs in traditional as well as ambient & soundscape formats. NU-HAD-RA is a trilogy based upon Aleister Crowley’s Liber Legis.

I - Invokation Ov Nuit, Amduscias Records AMR142, 2008.
decryption codes in comments

Made in Darkness      
Alchemikal Heirlooms ov Aiwass     
Aleister's Amazing Bookcase 
Templar Road
Bardo Becoming Reality

II – Evokation ov Hadit, Delta Wave Underground DWU 008, 2008.

Ride the Kundalini
Exorcist ov AL
Knowledge ov Thee Unseen Sun
Conversation ov Thee Unseen Sun
Eaiting for Thee Aeons to Fall
Snake ov Delight

III – Convokation ov Ra-HoorKhuit, Bleak Netlabel bleak014, 2008.

Aleph A’ayin Mem
Eyes ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit
I am a Hawk (Talking Revolution)
Ordeal X
Daath Cartographies
Lord of the Aeon
Thee Apocalypse Working
There is no Law
Babalon Beware
Abrahadabra Magick


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