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19 July 2014

7" Gala

The other day when I walked into the music room, all the 7" punk records were crying. I told them: "There’s no crying in punk rock." But they said I had simply forgotten them & they had no reason to live. I tried to jive 'em that I just don't have the time for them anymore, that my life is just too cluttered. But the truth is, I've just been being lazy. I mean…shit, it does take a lot of time to rip & tag, to format artwork, to zip & upload. Yet I know they have a point, I’ve been ignoring them & they used to be amongst my favorite children. I told them I’d see if I could ease their sorrow a bit, & being a man of my word (I did slip in one 12" & one flexi-disc, so shoot me) …here are some blasts from the past.

The Nuns – Self-titled 7", 415 Records SUB 01, 1978.

The Germs – Lexicon Devil 7", Slash Records Scam 101, 1978.

Bags – Survive 7", Dangerhouse Bag 199, 1978.

Gang of Four – Damaged Goods 7", Fast Products FAST 5, 1978.

Various – S.F. Underground Vol. 1 7", Subterranean Records SUB 01, 1979.

The Urinals – Another EP 7", Happy Squid Records HS002, 1979.

X---X – No Nonsense 7", Drome DR8, 1980.

Various – S.F. Underground Vol. 2 7", Subterranean Records SUB 10, 1980.

Plasmatics – Butcher Baby (See Live) 7", Stiff Records BUY 76, 1980.

Germs – Cruising Studio Sessions 7", Bandwagon Records bootleg, 1980.

Agent Orange – Self-titled 7", Agent Orange Records 245-T-1, 1980.

Bad Brains – Pay to Cum 7", Bad Brains Records BB001, 1980.

JxFxAx – Blatant Localism EP 7", Placebo Records PLA-101, 1981.

Various – Take It! Magazine flexi-disc, Take It! Magazine 1150195, 1981.

Battalion of Saints – Fighting Boys 12" EP, Nutrons Records BS-001, 1982.

Battalion of Saints – 2nd Coming 7", Mystic Records M45128, 1983.

Gang Green – Sold Out 7", Taang! Records TAANG!-1, 1984.

Weirdos – It Means Nothing demos 7", Punk Vault PV-4, 1988.

Weirdos – Ranting in a Rubber Room 2x7", Unofficial release, 1992.

Various – Smells like Smoked Sausage 2x7", Sub Pop Singles Club SP140, 1992.



  1. From Friday MEGA No More works in Italy !!! shit

  2. I gather you mean that as of Friday MEGA is not working in Italy? There have been short times when MEGA was not working various places around the world. I believe they may be working on it intermittently. It was not working here in the Western US last week for two days. Just be patient & it should return. If not, let me know what files you are wanting & I'll try to upload them elsewhere & let you know.

  3. the Italian state police, blocked MEGA and other sites: (Uploaded, cineblog01.net, cineblog01.tv, ddlstorage.com, divxstage.eu, easybytez.com, filminstreaming.eu, filmstream.info, firedrive.com, Movshare. sx, nowdownload.ag, nowdownload.sx, nowvideo.sx, piratestreaming.net, primeshare.tv, putlocker.com, rapidvideo.tv, sockshare.com, uploadable.ch, uploadinc.com, video.tt, videopremium.me, youwatch.org.)
    have done such a thing as had happened with Megaupload. shit!!!!
    With Dropbox , 4Shared , Zippyshare and Mediafire there are no problems !!!

    and Thanks , I am interested to the Weirdos 7 ".

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the situation with the Italian State Police. That sucks a big one. Hope it is not an indication of things to come elsewhere. I have a 4shared account & uploaded both the Weirdos there. If you need anything else, just let me know. Sorry to hear this brutal; news. Thought MEGA was a good thing.
      Weirdos 1st demo 7"
      Weirdos 2x7"

  4. Thank You so much Dude .
    the problem with MEGA and the other sites seems to be only here in Italy. pffffff !!!!!

  5. We must have similar tastes since I have just about every single here (though my "Pay to Cum" ep is a repress!). Thanks for the shares.