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20 July 2014

The Evolution of Dub (Syndicate)

Dub Syndicate initially evolved out of Creation Rebel. Dub Syndicate's evolution was rapid & large.

Their first outing, 1982s The Pounding System (pre-Lincoln Valentine 'Style' Scott's drumming or artistic & creative processes), was a perfect example of Adrian Sherwood's vision of his big sound in instrumental Dub.

Their second release, in 1983, actually came out on ROIR's cassette only label out of New York. By this time Scott was a major presences. But his & Sherwood’s vision was not clearly defined as of yet. The release is primarily dubs or versions from other On-U projects of the era. "Drilling Equipment" was the only track exclusive to One Way System.

The album I previously featured, North of the River Thames, showcased Doctor Pablo (Peter Stroud) who had been a constant around On-U for many years, serving up his melodica & keyboards with both Creation Rebel & Dub Syndicate as well as a host of others.

Then came this, Dub Syndicate's fourth album, 1985s Tunes from the Missing Channel. 

With this release, Dub Syndicate gave birth to a highly experimental technological dub sound. It ushered in a whole new genre in Dub. What has been labeled 'new roots' can trace its ancestry to this one album. While working in Switzerland, Sherwood discovered an emulator (using it to implement the sitar sound from the keyboard in the song "Ravi Shankar Pt.1"). Also Sherwood began using a technique he called 'captured sound' using an AMS digital harmoniser. Now it was possible to forgo the cut & paste tape deck fiasco to get the cuts of Emperor Rosko into "The Show is Coming". Another difference was the addition of ex-PIL members Jah Wobble & Keith Levene, members of African Head Charge, & the sweet vocals of Bim Sherman. Tunes from the Missing Channel became one of the best-selling albums in the entire On-U catalogue & a new direction & sound for Dub Syndicate.

Dub Syndicate – Tunes from the Missing Channel, On-U Sound ON-U LP38, 1985.
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Side One –
Ravi Shankar Pt. 1
The Show is Coming
Must Be Dreaming
Over Board
Forever More

Side Two –
Geoffrey Boycott
Out & About



  1. The link to the 'Headache 12inch' by Big Black is dead. Any chance of a re-upload? Thanks.

    1. Sorry it took a few day to find this record. It was in storage with some of my more collectible records. It is re-upped now here.

  2. Link not working :( Re-up please?

    1. new MEGA decryption code

  3. Hell of an album. One of the first dub wise records I bought back in the day.