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20 July 2014

The Doctor is In!

Guess I’ll finish up with week-end Dub. Here’s another dose of On-U Sound from 1984. Doctor Pablo paying homage to Augustus Pablo & AP’s release East of the River Nile.

On NotRT, players are: Dr. Pablo – guitar, keyboards, & melodica; Ashanti – guitar & percussion: Frederix – guitar & bass; Bloodvessel – guitar; Fatfingers, Kishi, & Webster – keyboards; Evar, George Oban, Lizard, & Ras Ani – bass; Bonjo & Jah Dave – percussion, & Style Scott & Fox – drums. Recorded & mixed at Berry St. & Southern between December 1982 & January 1984. Produced by none other than Adrian Sherwood.

Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate – North of the River Thames, On-U LP30, 1984.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
Man of Mystery
Dr. Who?

Side Two –
A Taste of Honey
North of the River Thames
Red Sea
We Like it Hot



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  2. Cool dub tracks. I've never heard this Dub Syndicate record before (I didn't even know it existed). Thanks for posting!

    1. I love most all music, but to me, Dub is the Way!