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27 September 2014

Más Márs

Even in death, the Mars Volta still manages to entertain us.
Unreleased The Mars Volta material
published on Aug 17, 2013
decryption code in comments


1 - Clouds/Orchestrina
2 - Molochwalker (early demo)
3 - Sea Is Rising (demo)
4 - possible Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo demo
5 - possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo
6 - Postulate
7 - elements later used in the live version of “Trinkets Pale of Moon”
8 - another possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo
9 - Whisper To Your Flinch/Peeling Off
10 - Happiness (demo)
11 - needs a name
12 - Clouds/Orchestrina (demo)
13 - Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos/New York City (demo)
14 - Vicarious Atonement (demo)
15 - Clouds (Early Omar demo)

Available elsewhere, but also here.

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