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20 September 2014

Phoning It in from the Bleachers

 Flying Canyon In Another World

decryption codes in comments

Track list –
Summer, Silver Lake
The Trouble behind Mr. Peterseon’s Eyes
All My Girls are Singing
Danny, Let’s Rest Here
Mr. Brandon’s Halo
Everything Dying Sings
Franklin’s There Are

Golden Hotel was: Cayce & Sidney Linder.

Flying Canyon – Flying Canyon, Soft Abuse SAB017, 2006.

Track list –
In the Reflection
Down to Summer (thanks Ib)
Crossing by Your Star
The Bull who Knew the Ring
The Dawn Curtain
This Can’t be My Home
At Night When the World Goes Quiet
Black April (hidden track)

Flying Canyon was: Cayce Linder (RIP) – vocals & guitar; Shayde Sartin – bass; & Glenn Donaldson – drums.



  1. Silver Wilderness
    Flying Canyon

  2. Hello ? Hello ?

    Blue or Black here, Mysteron. Caycing the elusive Pimpernel. Told you my brain was peppered full of shot. Bird Shot.

    Thanks for posting the Silver, Nanny Mouse; I will give it a thorough listening to. I only heard FC in its entirety quite recently, so "Down to Summer" was new to me. Great song, as you say. Great LP.

    There have been the inevitable accusations of vote rigging. Frigging. The same old. We Scots are unaccustomed to positive anticipation, though not entirely immune to it, we make for perfect underlings. Festering in what others mistake for loyalty or outright rebellion. Engineers of our own misery, inevitably.

  3. Belated thanks for these - really good. I think I heard FC before but I was encouraged to try Golden Hotel after reading quite a moving essay on Cayce Linder on the Soft Abuse website. Strangely the smaller line-up makes a more expansive sound, but both good. It's a shame about that guy. Thanks again. - Michael

    1. Golden Hotel is a labor of love with Cayce's brother Sidney. Definitely expansive in their simple duality. Check out Hotel Alexis by bro Sidney if you aren't familiar. Or Torrez. All good.
      & thank you for you interest.

  4. Thanks for the tip. A quick google search on Hotel Alexis turned up no working links (and Torrez is a lot harder to search) but I'll definitely keep my eyes open. See ya ! - Michael

    1. I uploaded a sampler of The Hotel Alexis & Torrez (four songs each) if you're interested. Also, I have Raised on Fire if you want, just let me know.
      Hotel Torrez comp:

    2. Wow - Thanks ! I'll look forward to listening to that. Probably not until tomorrow (Damn!) - Michael

    3. I've listened to this comp a couple of times now. Great stuff, particularly the Hotel Alexis (Comeback Kid is reminiscent of American Analog Set, isn't it?). Thanks for taking the trouble to upload. Would love to hear Raised On Fire as well, if you ever get the time. (I guess I could buy it, couldn't I ?) All the best - Michael

    4. RoF

    5. Well, thanks a million for the excellent Raised On Fire. Although it's a pretty familiar style this is a very superior example thereof, and an album to listen to over again many times - and there aren't so many of those around these days (oh, and actually nothing like Amanset who I mentioned before). And personally I lke a bit of slow and sedate when there is substance to it. Anyway, respect for your generosity - Michael