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06 September 2014

Julian & 'Bubblers' have a Mexicali Stand-On

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. 
I'll try to pop on a few things as I can, but folks, it's harvest time. 
So I'll be scarce for a while, but I'll be around.

Prince Fatty meets The Mutant Hifi – Return of Gringo!, Mr. Bongo MRBLP086, 2011.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Transistor Cowboy
Black Powder
Plague of Locust
Wear the Black Hat (if the Black Hat Fits)
Way Back to Town
Across the Border

Side B –
Up the Creek
Moscow Mule
Son of a Thousand Fathers
 The Good, the Vlad, & the Ugly
Blondes Have More Guns
Hava Nagila



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  2. Terrific ! Thanks. Makes me think , in the spirit, to a Lee Perry surf customised...!

  3. Thans for this one, brother Nathan. The cover art alone is enough to make me want to open my ears to it.

    GØdspeed the harvest.

  4. I was watching Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix & Ricky, with his usual flair for murdering the King's English, said: "Julian & Bubbles have a Mexicali Stand-on." The cover art for this came instantly to mind & also the fact that the legendary Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie plays keyboards on this slab. It all just 'Came Together over Me'.

  5. Prince Fatty is the man!

    1. I have to disagree with you, Jonder. Fatty is indeed the Prince, but you're the man. If you hadn't hooked me up with that Holly Cook in Dub, then I wouldn't have gone searching for more Fatty & then this post never would have happened. So I think you're the man, the man we have to thank. Thank you!

    2. Glad you liked it! Hollie Cook plays Oakland 10/23, LA 10/24 (at the Echo), and LA again 10/25 (Park Place Hotel)

  6. Harvest time? I got some sativa's outside in LA that I'm gonna frustrate well into October!

  7. Brand new Prince Fatty! http://uploaded.net/file/v5gxwmn7/KingdomDub2014.rar

    1. Thanks as always, good fellow. I'm downloading it now.

  8. Just so you know, the last track, "Hava Nagila", cuts off halfway through.