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16 November 2014

An Atmospheric Collection of Goodies

A new friend of NSS left a comment on the last Sad Lovers & Giants post, vaguely inquiring about further tuneage. Here is a real gem.

SL&Gs kinda went through a hard time between 1983 – 1987. They were on hiatus/broken up for those years. In 1987 Allard teamed up with Tony McGuinness & began releasing SL&Gs music again. The material on this 1984 release is a collection of previously unreleased material from their formative years.

Tracks A1 & A2 are demos recorded at Pet Sounds in early 1981. They were reworked for this release.

Track A3 was recorded live at The Venue, September 1982.

Tracks A4 & A5 are out-takes from the Colourless Dream sessions at Surrey Sound, Summer 1981. "Landslide" had already been released on the group's first 7” EP, 1981s Clé  & "Echoplay" is from Epic Garden Music which I recently posted. The versions here were remixed at Alaska the summer of 1984.

Tracks A6 to B3 are from a Radio One John Peel Session November 25,1981. "Sex Without Gravity" was never performed anywhere else. "Clint" & "Alice (Isn't Playing)" are also on Epic Garden Music (& another version of "Clint" appeared on The Thing From the Crypt compilation).

Track B4 was recorded live at the Brunel Rooms, Swindon, March, 1983.

Track B5 here is a different version of "Imagination" which originally appeared as the A-side of Clé. After Clé was released, SL&Gs wished to record a better version of the song. The version here is an out-take from the Feeding the Flame sessions recorded at Spaceward during the summer 1983.

On In the Breeze, SL&Gs is: Simon ‘Garce’ Allard – vocals; Simon ‘Tristan Garel-Funk’ Blanchard – guitar; David Wood – keyboards & saxophone; Cliff Silver – bass; & Nigel Pollard – drums & percussion, with Steve Carter – bass on tracks A1 & A2.

Sad Lovers & Giants – In the Breeze, Midnight Music CHIME 00.07M, 1984.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
The Change
Sex Without Gravity

Side Two –
There Was no Time
Alice (isn’t Playing)
3 Lines

Don't be sad, enjoy


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  2. Thanks NO, for this band I didn't know and liked it straight out.

    1. Glad you dug this. One of my favorite bands. I've posted other of their music elsewhere & have much more to post in the future.

  3. Replies
    1. My pleasure. SL&G are one of my favorite bands. If there is anything else of theirs you might like, let me know here. Again, thanks for the comment.