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30 November 2014

In a Dub Mood

Finishing off the week-end in a Dub mood! So welcome to the Kool jazz stylings of M. Don Letts & friends.

Basement 5 – Basement 5 in Dub, Island Records IPR2038, 1980.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
Paranoiaclaustrophobia Dub
Work Dub
Games Dub

Side Two –
Immigrant Dub
Holocaust Dub

Record marked 45rpm, but is actually 33 1/3. FYI.



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  2. Yes, yes! Great production work here from Martin Hannett. One of my other favorite blogs (I Love Total Destruction) recently posted the Basement 5 "Silicon Chip" single. Great minds think alike! Soon it will be the season for "The Last White Christmas".