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09 November 2014

Panic Land

"National Panic---since when did a man who is a man Panic?
National Panic?
Everybody inside, with his weapons to protect hisself & his loved ones.
Sauvé qui peut.
Every man for himself.
Chacun pour soi.
May Day. Aid Me. Aid me.
W.S. Burroughs - Last Words

Don't really get all political here at NSS very often. I live far from the madding crowd & by my own set of rules, but numerous elements converged recently to stir this rant.

Midterm elections just passed last Tuesday & the likes of 30% of the voting herd have determined our political future. WTF? Pollsters were asking folks here in California who they voted for to hold the Gubernatorial seat & the most common reply was: "I didn't know that was on the ballot. I thought it was just a bunch of meaningless measures & replacement School Board representatives." Duh!

That ties in with the book I'm reading right now, Generation of Swine by Hunter S. Thompson. It is specifically about the 1980s but obviously the Generation is still going strong.

"Huge brains, small necks, weak muscles, & fat wallets---these are the dominant physical characteristics of the ‘80s…The Generation of Swine"

The only thing noticeably different is that the brains have shrunken & the wallets have gotten fatter.

Listen, you racist sons o' bitchin' swine. You need to lay off the Hillbilly heroin for a few days, dust off your memory modules, strap 'em on & think back to the days when Dubya was steering the Ship. Everything…& I truly mean everything, was so much more fucked up then. & today's Grand Old Peckerheads & their Teabagger Party cronies make Georgie Boy look like a bleedin' liberal.

Take a good look at the picture above. You think the plundering pachyderm helped with that, think again. File it in your Grey-matter Hotel. The new Congressional Whoremasters are dead set on making sure you never see that again once they're done & it’s gone.

"The Big Lie that we force or persuade enough people to believe.
Fascism never needed a majority, just 10%, plus the military & the police. &
how easy to persuade, when a little piece of power is the carrot.
We have been abandoned here on this planet, ruled by lying bastards of modest brain power. 
No sense. Not a tiny modicum of good intentions. 
One lie piled on another. 
Lying worthless bastards."
WSB – Last Words

Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine – The Audacity of Hype,
Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 411, 2009.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
The Terror of Tinytown
Clean as a Thistle
New Feudalism
Panic Land
Electronic Plantation

Side Two –
Three Strikes
Strength Thru Shopping
Pets Eat their Master
I Won't Give Up

The School of Medicine's enrollment here is: Kimo Ball – guitar; Ralf Spite – guitar, keyboards & backing vocals; Billy Gould – bass: Jon Weiss – percussion & drums. Headmaster is Jello Biafra. Artwork by Shepard Fairey.

Enjoy it while you have the Freedom,


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  2. Deeply disappointed with the election results in my Deep South state as well. Thought the Democrats stood a chance, but they couldn't cut through the fear-mongering propaganda.

    Panic Land indeed. Ebola is a virus from outer space.