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18 July 2015

A Place of Delicate Beauty & Magical Charm

At 1:53 on “Souls Dirge”, the guitar comes alive & from then on we are transported to…

Larry Coryell – Fairyland, Universe Records UV 180, 1971.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Souls Dirge
Stones (Miles Davis cover)
Further Explorations for Albert Stinson

On Fairyland: Larry Coryell – guitar; Chuck Rainey – bass; & Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie – drums.

Recorded live in Montreux, Switzerland June 18, 1971. Front cover art by Gage Taylor.

Be Amazed,


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  2. Can't go wrong with Bernie on drums.

  3. the fantastic Larry Coryell getting into some live Sonny Sharrock outsider psychedelic rock..,but with a grass-lawn dull professional rhythm section.. even so, Larry Coryell just kills on the outsider guitar improvisations....a great listen from start to ...never end on repeat.

  4. nathan this is one of my fav records of all time. oh that there is not more of it.

    1. Coryell's self-titled first album is also great, but this is the true gem & indeed too short. Good to hear from you again.