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04 July 2015

The Voyage of the Spaceship Galaxy

Back on August 23, 2014 I posted up a little history of The Cosmic Jokers. At the time I also offered up their second & third albums. Here’s is a follow-up with their first.

The Cosmic Jokers & Sternenmädchen _ Planeten Sit-in, Kosmiche Musik KM58.013, 1974.
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Seite 1 –
Raumschiff Galaxy Startet
The Planet of Communication
Der Nar rim All
Raumschiff Galaxy Fliegt in die Sonne
Intergalactic Nightclub
Loving Frequencies

Seite 2 –
Electronic News
Intergalactic Radio Guri Broadcasting
Raumschiff Galaxy Gleitet im Sonnenwind
Interstellar Rock: Kosmiche Musik
Raumschiff Galaxy Saust in die Lichtbahnen
Der Planet des Sternenmädchens



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  2. In my youth, I was a huge fan of German music but found the Cosmic Jokers very disappointing and, considering the talent involved, something of a waste. They sounded like stoned jam sessions; a rather sad attempt to try and milk the 'Krautrock' cow long after the creativity had fizzled out. I hadn't realised that they really were stoned jam sessions.

    Forty years later (40 years??? Good grief!!!) I confess it all sounds a whole lot better (perhaps my ears had lacked a sense of humour in those days) and I wonder how much records like these were to influence the Dance music of the 80s and 90s. Anyway, many thanks.

    Also, if you haven't seen it already, I thought you might be interested in the following piece about Rolf Ulrich Kaiser:


    1. Thanks for the comment. I to had mixed feelings about Cosmic Jokers & RUK, but after I read more about him & Gille, I re-listened to this music & Like you, found it to be much better than I remembered.

      Thanks for the great link. I had read about the rise & fall of Kaiser & lettman, but the article you mentioned is fantastic & invaluable. The Afri-Cola advert from 1968 is incredible. The whole story of the emergence of Sternenmädchen (Gille's space persona) is very telling, especially in lieu of her current "state".